Luxe Box Review Spring 2016

Hmmmmm….that’s all I can say about Luxe Box….hmmmm. I really don’t know how I feel about them as of late. I want to love this subscription, but I can’t quite get there. They don’t have the best customer service, their account system on the website is very confusing, and I really wasn’t happy with the Winter box….I found it to be a little blah. However, it is one of the more popular beauty subscription boxes in Canada so I am really trying to give them the benefit of the doubt.

If you aren’t familiar with Luxe Box it is a quarterly beauty subscription box where members receive a seasonal Luxe Box with 7 to 8 trial-sized beauty and lifestyle items specifically selected by their Beauty Editors and enjoy complimentary shipping to their preferred address. Members also receive exclusive access to private events, product launches and beauty tips and tutorials to help them stay trendy, every season.

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The Box: Luxe Box

Cost: $26 per quarter ($24 on an annual subscription)

What You Get:By joining the Luxe Box community, you will be treated to a variety of beauty specials, exclusive product launches, and a customized Luxe Box every season (once every 3 months) filled with 7-8 trial-sized beauty and lifestyle products to help you stay on trend for the upcoming season!

Ships to: Canada

Shipping Cost: FREE

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I still find myself a little confused with Luxe Box……I can’t quite figure out how it works….and the fact that they still have two account systems drives me crazy. I signed up with them a while ago so my account page is on the old system, rather than the new system, and therefore I don’t have access to the same shop page as new subscribers. When the limited edition spring box was released I had to contact customer service just to purchase it… was a HUGE pain in my ass. I’m also confused by the package I received as it is supposed to be the Limited Edition Spring Fling Box (I think) but the items I received don’t match the items promised to be in the box. Or is this just the plain ol’ spring box and it contains some of the items from the limited edition box? I’m so confused…..

Luxe Box March 2016 9

ModelCo | BB PLUS Cream in Light (full size) – I don’t typically wear any sort of foundation, but it’s nice to have it in my makeup bag for emergencies…..I also happen to really like a good BB cream.

Jelly Pong Pong | Lychee Gel (full size) – I didn’t use to like receiving shower gel in my subscription boxes, but now I love it. I’m not totally sure how I feel about this brand, the name kind of throws me off, but it smells really good.

Luxe Box March 2016 10

Morgan Taylor | Professional Nail Lacquer – I am in LOVE with this color, it is absolutely gorgeous, and it is really making me wish I wore polish on my fingernails.

Luxe Box March 2016 12 Luxe Box March 2016 13

PopBeauty | Kajal Pen in Inky Purple (full size) – This is perfect! I wear purple liner all the time as it compliments my brown eyes, and I am almost at the end of my Almay pencil. This one claims to be very pigmented, which is something I look for in a liner as I feel it is easier to apply and doesn’t pull on the delicate skin around your eyes.

Luxe Box March 2016 8

Schick Hydro Silk Razor – This is such a simple item, and one that can be purchased at any drugstore, but I actually like to see items like this in my subscription boxes. I will definitely be using this. Sometimes I want the necessities in addition to the “nice to haves”.

Luxe Box March 2016 14

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer – This is a best seller so it’s definitely nice to see it in the box…I’m just not a fan as I don’t wear foundation. It will be gifted to a friend.

Luxe Box March 2016 11

Benefit the PoreFessional – I’ve received this more times than I can remember… other subscription boxes….so I’m kind of over it.

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Thoughts: I’m on the fence with my Spring Luxe Box. Half of the items are great and half of them or just ok. I’m a little confused by the difference between the limited edition boxes and the regular boxes, and I’m disappointed that my package arrived in a gold bubble mailer rather than their typical shipping box. It’s hard to have confidence in a subscription that seems so disorganized. I really want to love them, but I can’t. I would like to see them fix the account system on their website, be a little more clear about product offerings, and provide better customer service……come on Luxe Box…..we need quality subscription boxes in Canada, and you have the potential to be one of those……but you need to get your crap together before that can happen.


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Luxe Box members receive a seasonal Luxe Box with 7 to 8 trial-sized beauty and lifestyle items picked by our beauty editors and enjoy complimentary shipping to their preferred address. […]

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