1. Participation

These rules and regulations (“the Official Rules”) govern the BoxClub Giveaway Contest (“the Contest”) and all further contests available through the BoxClub application, and are binding to all participants.

The Contest is sponsored by A Year of Boxes (“the Administrator”).

2. Eligibility

Unless otherwise specified, The Contest is open to participants of the age of majority, located in Canada and the United States of America.

All entrants must: a.) be a registered user of BoxClub / A Year of Boxes; b.) provide a valid email address for verification and notification of winning. Individuals may submit only one entry to the Contest. No employees, representatives, agents, or individuals otherwise directly associated with the Administrator may enter the Contest.

There is no fee to enter the Contest. No purchase is necessary.

3. Contest Guidelines

Individuals may submit one entry via the BoxClub mobile application. Contestants have an equal chance of winning.
Odds are dependent on the number of contest entrants. The Contest’s prize pool and value of individual prizes may vary. Winners will be determined by random lottery. All entries are weighted the same.

Entries are subject to verification by the Administrator. In the event of irregularities, including exploitation of the Contest’s rules, use of multiple accounts by an individual to submit multiple entries, or any other form of foul play, entries may be discarded at the Administrator’s sole discretion.

4. Claiming a Prize

Should a contestant be selected as a winner, the Administrator will attempt to contact them via the email address associated with the contestant’s BoxClub / A Year of Boxes account. Should the contestant not respond to this email within seven days of sending, their entry will be discarded and the prize will be awarded to another entrant through a random lottery. This process will continue until all prizes offered by this iteration of the Contest have been claimed.

Entrants will be asked to provide shipping information in order to receive their prize. All shipping information provided is strictly confidential and will not be released or shared with any party except the Administrator. By accepting a prize, contestants agree to the publication of basic personal information, limited to their first name and city, province/state, and country of residence.

5. Release and Exclusion of Responsibility

By entering the Contest, the contestant agrees to forever hold harmless the Administrator, its affiliates, employees, representatives, agents, and otherwise associated individuals from any and all claims, damages, demands, suits, debts, warranties, contracts, or liabilities of any other nature arising out of or in connection to the participation or attempted participation in the Contest.

The Administrator will not be held liable for late or invalid entries, technical issues including but not limited to website or application downtime, errors, or malfunctions, and will be held blameless in the event of damage or destruction of property, including mobile devices, tablets, and laptop or desktop computers while using the website and application to enter the Contest.

6. General Information

The Contest is void where prohibited. The Contest is subject to all applicable federal, state or provincial, regional and municipal laws. Information collected will be used only for the administration of this contest, and will be governed in compliance with the Administrator’s privacy policy, located here: https://dev.ayearofboxes.com/privacy/



Apple is not a sponsor or involved in any contests or raffles.