Blume Back to School Sale 2018

Blume is a Time of the Month Subscription Box. They believe that self care is the new going out and they represent today’s generation of confident, tenacious and conscious young women. Safe, sustainable products are big for them. Shop period and self-care products today.

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Everyone is different, and they believe your Blume box should be personalized for you. So they made their Blume Boxes fully customizable.

Start with base box that works for you. Choose your products, add-ons, and the frequency. They take care of the rest.

Add on 1: The Self-Care Bundle includes Hug Me, Day Dreamer and Meltdown. Get the Self-Care Bundle shipped just once, or quarterly. $38

Add on 2: The Discovery Bundle includes 2 new self-care gifts that we curate and know you will love. We partner with new companies every month to help you find new products for your daily self-care rituals. The products are organic and made locally in small-batches. Get the surprise bundle every month and never stop discovering new products. $20

Add on 3: The treat, is well, pretty much self-explained! Usually chocolate, but sometimes we mix it up with popcorn or a cookie or something delicious. We think it’s almost necessary to receive a treat every month. $3

Add on 4: The PMS bundle includes tea and Cloud 9. We choose teas to soothe your period cramps and partner with local vendors to make sure it’s always delicious. Plus, avoid popping pills to relive your cramp pain and use CLoud 9 instead. Shipped once or quarterly so you never have to deal with cramps again. $15





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