Bookroo Coupon Code July 2017

Bookroo is a curated children’s book subscription that helps children fall in love with reading and parents build their children’s book libraries efficiently and affordably. We do the work to identify books that are hidden gems rather than well-known classics to grow your library in an exciting and hassle-free way!

They have offered our viewers the following Coupon Code:

Use coupon code AYEAROFBOXES for 15% off any multi-month subscription! – CLICK HERE

Box Details: Choose between the Board Book Box (3 board books) or the Picture Book Box (2 picture books), and receive affordable, hidden gems each month! The books come individually wrapped to help your child see reading as a gift.

Thoughts: If your kids are slowing outgrowing their current faves, Bookroo really is the perfect solution. I also really love that each book comes wrapped as reading truly is a gift and so are new books!

Questions: Have you tried Bookroo?





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