Gen YZ Box Coupon Code August 2017

Gen YZ Box is a new subscription box for everyone else. Because being different is awesome! It’s a monthly box of awesomeness!

Gen YZ Box is a new subscription box for everyone else. Because being cool different is awesome! It’s a monthly box of awesomeness filled with cool, unique finds for amazing girls and young women.  The value in each box is guaranteed to be at least $90!

Coupon Code

Use Coupon Code AYOB10 for 10% off your first month of Gen YZ Box – CLICK HERE

Box Details: Every month, our Gen Y Box and Gen Z Box subscribers will receive a rad package filled with unique items, cool items from brands they may not have discovered yet and most importantly, products that will put a smile on your face. When you subscribe,  you have the option to select from 2 different boxes. Gen Y box is designed for those who are ages 16 and up.  Our Gen Z Box is recommended for tweens and teens.

Thoughts: Tweens and teens can be a hard age to shop for. They tend to have their own unique style and preferences so generally clothes and other personal gifts are out of the question. This box is the perfect solution! Who doesn’t absolutely love a surprise box sent with new amazing products to discover! Not sure what to get your niece? This is it!





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