Little Life Box Coupon Code May 2017

Little Life Box is a Canadian Subscription Box that includes 8-12 new healthy items (skincare, snacks, vitamins and lifestyle) to discover every month.

They have offered our viewers the following Coupon Code:

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Box Details: A mix of snacks, vitamins, skincare & lifestyle items. A mix of full size products and deluxe size samples.

Thoughts: If you are thinking of slowly making the move to a healthier lifestyle, Little Life Box is a great place to start. I am definitely looking to make some changes in lifestyle and diet and I would say I owe some of that to boxes like these and the items I see every month, especially reading the health benefits.

Question: Are you going to try Little Life Box this month?


Little Life Box

Little Life Box is a subscription box that includes 8-12 new healthy snacks, skincare & lifestyle items to discover every month (Canada) and every season (USA).

Use code AYEAROFBOXES for 10% off! Learn More about Little Life Box »




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