MunchPak Coupon Code February 2019: $3 OFF

MunchPak is a monthly subscription service that aims to introduce the best, new, and popular snacks from all over the world to the averageJoe. MunchPak starts at $13.95 and subscribers can cancel anytime.

Each week, MunchPak receives a new assortment of interesting and delicious snacks from their suppliers. They send these products out to their subscribers packed up in the perfect sized box, delivered whenever you would like.

Coupon Code: Use code YEAROFBOXES for $3 OFF your first box! – CLICK HERE

What You Get: Each MunchPak delivery, your personalized snack box will include 5+ delicious snacks from around the world. Shipping is always free to the USA.

  • MunchPak Mini – $13.95
  • Original MunchPak – $23.95
  • FamilyPak – $43.95





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