Sanaya Set Coupon Code October 2018

Flash Sale and Make an Impact? Yes, please!

Dear Friends,

To honor International Day of the Girl, we are offering you 20% off any order or subscription through the weekend using code GIRL! We donate 10% of net proceeds from all purchases go to a charitable organization fighting for our future and empowering womxn – you have the power to change lives.

Remember, at Sanaya Set we have now launched our new Intersectional Marketplace! You can now purchase individual socially conscious and intentional items, in addition to gift cards. We will donate 10% of the net proceeds from these sales to Women for Women International.

We highly recommend our Empower Womxn t-shirt, designed exclusively for Sanaya Set by renowned artist Fatimah Baig to represent our core values – empowering womxn and intersectionality.

When you join the Sanaya Set movement, you change lives by:

✔️ Supporting organizations that provide economic empowerment for womxn surviving and living free from sex trafficking

✔️ Elevating companies that provide womxn physical and mental healthcare (including trauma recovery)

✔️ Empowering womxn of color entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from marginalized communities who are pursuing their passions – including the Sanaya Set!

✔️ Giving back to organizations  that are fighting for our future like ACLU, OneAmerica, and API Chaya, and Women for Women International.

When our children learn about this period in history, where will you say you stood? Every act, no matter how small, has the power to change the world. Be intentional- say you stood with us, that we stood together.💜

-Sanaya Set

Sanaya Set

The Sanaya Set curates intentional lifestyle products from intersectional brands that enhance your beauty inside and out by elevating social justice and self-care. Each item is carefully sourced to ensure […]

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