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Scent Trunk is for anyone who wants to smell unique.  They design custom fragrances based on your preferences – and delivers them monthly.

As a new member, you start with a Scent Test Kit of 6 core scents to discover what smells you like – and what you don’t.  Then, Scent Trunk uses your preferences and some creative inspiration to send you your perfect scent.

Start with a free Scent Test Kit today, just cover shipping – CLICK HERE

How It Works:

  1. The Scent Test – Take time to sample the palette of their six core scents. Tell them what you like, and what you don’t
  2. Custom Formulations – The perfumers will create a custom formula based on your response to the Scent Test – then deliver it for 11.99/month
  3. Monthly Delivery – Each month, receive the same fragrance or try something new. If you don’t love what we send, the next month is on us.

Box Details: Scent Trunk sends three miniature fragrances monthly or 4 miniature fragrances each season

Thoughts: I love how Scent Trunk allows you to have some say in the fragrances they send you!

Question: Have you tried a scent kit from Scent Trunk?





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