Scenteor Canada Day Sale 2018: 30% OFF

Scenteor is a Canadian perfume subscription box service that sends you a monthly supply of a designer scent of your choice for CAD $22.50.

As Canada Day approaches, we’re all preparing for the epic festivities. We prepare our entire outfits for the long weekend, so don’t you think we should as well have a few new signature scents appropriate for this warm season? Our Scenteor subscription plans are the perfect way to expand your fragrance wardrobe and try a new scent every month.

Coupon Code: Just in time for Canada Day! Get 30% OFF your first month on all our subscription plans for a limited time only! Use code OHCANADA at checkout! – CLICK HERE

FREE SHIPPING in Canada and the USA. Worldwide shipping available at low rates.

Other available subscription plans:

  • Receive 1 scent every month for CAD $22.50
  • Receive 2 scents every month for CAD $39.98
  • Receive 3 scents every month for CAD $53.99
  • 6-12 month subscription plans that include a discount

Happy Canada Day 2018!






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