Scenteor Coupon Code February 2018

Scenteor is a Canadian perfume subscription box service that sends you a monthly supply of a designer scent of your choice for CAD $17.99.

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Box Details: Scenteor offers a perfume subscription where users can try new designer perfumes every month for only CAD $17.99. They are based in Canada and ship free within the country as well as worldwide at very low rates. Their perfumes are 100% authentic designer brands and we do not sell any knockouts or imitations.

What You Get: Scenteor, unlike other subscription boxes, offers personalized services by allowing you to choose your perfume of choice every month and not randomly sending you products. Their Scenteor purse spray contains enough quantity of product (8 ml), to last a month’s use: a total of approximately 120 sprays, which comes down to 4 sprays/ per day. Your first order will include their signature Scenteor black case for FREE along with the scent of your choice. Each subsequent month, you will receive a refillable cartridge of perfume to use with your case. You can buy EXTRA CASES any time during the month and they will ship them with your upcoming order.





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