ZenPop Back To Shool Stationery Pack

September’s Stationery theme will be… BACK TO SCHOOL !

In Japan, the school year begins in April, but September marks the return from summer vacation. So whether you are going back to school, in the middle of your school year, or just living your life outside of school, we hope you’ll find good use for this month’s new items. Organizing your ideas, and learning new things is important for anyone, student or not.

Coupon Code: If you aren’t subscribed yet, use code BACK2 to save $4 on a stationery subscription before August 31st. ZenPop’s subscriptions always start the next month after subscribing and there is a BONUS item for subscribers each month! – CLICK HERE

Please try these cute Japanese stationery goods in your daily life, and we hope you will find success in all your goals this year!





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