Gen YZ Box Review (Y Box) January 2018

Gen YZ Box is a new subscription box for everyone else. Because being cool different is awesome! It’s a monthly box of awesomeness filled with cool, unique finds for amazing girls and young women.  The value in each box is guaranteed to be at least $90! They kindly sent us this box for review.

I have to say…..I am so impressed by this new subscription box. This will be my third time reviewing it and every box has been fabulous thus far. I love the idea of this box. I love that the owner saw a need in the market for a box of unique finds and that she wasn’t afraid to offer something different. I have a soft spot in my heart for Gen YZ Box and always will. I just absolutely love what they are doing.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Gen YZ Box subscription you have two options to choose from:

  1. Gen Y Box is recommended for ages 16+.  There are special items we include specifically for this box that will be curated for this age group.
  2. Gen Z Box we recommend for ages 15 and under.  This box also includes different items that are curated specifically for the Gen Zers.

What You Get: Each month your box will be loaded with items from decor items for your room to rad accessories.  Each box is jam packed with whimsical items that are unique, fun and expressive that you haven’t seen before.  The best part is that each month it will be a surprise! At Gen Y/Z we want you to have a blast opening up your box each month and discovering the products inside.  Every month will feature a minimum of 7-10 fabulous items that we absolutely love from brands we admire with a few bonus surprise items added in.

Today we are reviewing the Gen Y Box (for ages 16+). Here’s a closer look…….

Bluetooth Beanie

Stay warm during your jam session with our bluetooth pom pom beanie. Perfect for the winter season.

This first item has got me so excited!! I was literally talking about these beanies only but a month ago. I was telling my niece how much I wanted one because it would be perfect for my daily hikes. I always wear a beanie when I hike because my little ears get cold. And I HAVE to listen to music while I exercise or it just ain’t gonna happen. This beanie couldn’t be more perfect.

Makeup Bag

A lot goes into doing a full face of makeup. Keep all your essentials in this cute and funny makeup bag.

Makeup bags are always a good idea. They have so many other uses than as a bag to hold you mascara. I use them for travel necessities, gym necessities, snacks, power cords, etc……the possibilities are endless.

Flamingo Ring Dish

I know no one actually wants to take off their rings but when you want to keep them safe and sound a little flamingo dish is perfect.

Flamingos could definitely be considered the Gen YZ Box mascot. So far I have received some sort of flamingo item in every box. I think this is a really cute idea.

Handmade Polymer Clay Earrings

These adorable earrings are sure to please. Made of polymer clay and stainless steel posts, they are soft, light and adorable.

How cute are these little earrings. My nieces are going to love these.

Sterling Silver Cat Ring

A sleek, adorable sterling silver, and easily adjustable ring is almost more than a girl can ask for. This unique design paws-itively promises to melt your heart.

This is just the cutest little ring ever!! I love that it is cute yet simple. And I love that it is adjustable.

Hanging Light Clips

These flashing light clips are a major update from normal fairy lights. Show off your pictures while lighting up the space.

Oh my goodness! These are so much fun! I needed these in my life and I never even knew it. I love anything that lights up. It adds a fun ambiance to your room. Especially during the winter months when it gets dark by 4:30pm.

Handmade Daruma Doll

There is no better way to start off the New Year than with a Daruma doll. Handmade in Japan these dolls will help your chances of your wish coming true.

This is such a fun idea. Here’s how it works:

  1. Think of your wish for the New Year
  2. Fill in the left eye of the daruma doll while concentrating on your wish
  3. Place the daruma doll in a prominent spot
  4. When your wish comes true, fill in the right eye

Now I just need to figure out what my wish will be……I have two in mind for 2018…..make that three 🙂

Japanese Paintbrush Pen

This pen is the perfect thing to paint on your Daruma doll. Straight from Japan, you won’t find another.

Now I have no excuse not to put my Daruma doll to use. What wish will I choose……….hmmmm…..I have one in mind and if it comes true you all will definitely know it. That’s the one I am going to go with.

Bonus Goodies

Gen YZ always throws in a few little bonus goodies. I call them bonus items because they aren’t listed on the product card. This month we received some notes pads, a USB cord, cable protectors, some little panda bobble heads, and one other item that I haven’t quite figured out yet.

Gen YZ Box Review (Y Box) January 2018 – Final Thoughts

Here’s what I love most about Gen YZ Box….they always end up surprising me. They manage to find the most unique items, items I’ve never see or heard of, but they also include on-trend items that I’ve had on my “to-buy” list but haven’t gotten around to purchasing for myself. With the first box it was the light box, with the second box it was the sequin pillow case, and with this month’s box it is the bluetooth beanie. These are items I’ve never received in other subscription boxes which makes Gen YZ Box that much more unique and different. If you have a tween in your life you must get them a subscription to this box…….you won’t regret it.





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