Amoda Tea Review June 2017

Amoda is a health and wellness driven brand connecting you to the power of plants – tea, matcha and superfoods, to help you be the happiest, healthiest version of you. They use ancient principles to create organic teas and matcha blends for modern tastes and lifestyles and curate the tastiest teas into a monthly box for leisurely sipping. Amoda means Joy, Peace & Serenity. They kindly sent us this box for review.

June Box

Summer is upon us and we’re taking full advantage of this warm weather to steep a ton of iced tea.  We’re even sending this box out on American National Tea Day!  We thought a quick history lesson would be fitting this month.  Iced tea dates back to the early 1800’s when resourceful New Englanders would use ice from lakes to make iced tea, or should we say … tea on the rocks?   Alcoholic iced tea punch recipes appear in writing as early as 1815.  It wasn’t until 1876 that the first non-alcoholic iced tea recipe was printed!  Prohibition helped popularize iced tea and the invention of fridges made it a household thing.  So go ahead and make that iced tea boozy!

I love brewing iced tea!  I find I get more adventurous with flavours I would not normally try when I have the option to ice them.  I just recently brewed up a large batch of iced tea using some of my Amoda flavours from previous boxes!

Almound Toffee Pu-erh

This tea is like enjoying a maple pecan danish and a creamy latte – a little buttery with maple and nuts, hints of rich coffee and the earthy taste of puerh.  This hot tea is for the summer mornings spent in an air-conditioned office.

I was going to say, this doesn’t sound like an ice-able tea.  I might have to go on a tea kick instead of my morning coffee to give this one a try!

Caramel Apple

Like a caramel covered green apple, this tea satisfies the sweet and sour lovers.  Lightly tart and citrusy at first sip, this fruit tea turns to creamy caramel and velvety smooth sips!

Delicious!  Not sure I could ice this one, but will give it a try!

Himalayan Golden

An Amoda Team favourite!  Smooth and silky black tea with honey flavoured sweetness and hints of apricots.  Great depth of flavour but light and refreshing at the same time, which makes it a great warm weather black tea.

Hmmm… Not seeing the ice tea recommendations here?  Most of these are hot brews to me.

Willapia White Lavender

An elegant blend of rose, lavender and lemon verbena.  Floral top notes will relax your mind and sooth your body as you take in the mellow earthy notes of white peony and the sweet lemon finish.

This sounds more like a cold brew to me!  I love lavender tea, though I’ve never heard of peony in a tea before.  Can’t wait to see how that tastes.

Amoda Tea Review June 2017 – Final Thoughts

I was really excited at the first mention of ice teas for summer, but was a little disappointed in the selections.  I have found more ice-able teas in my other boxes from Amoda than this one.  I really like the sound of all the teas, but three of them seem more like fall blends to me.  Would love to hear your opinion after you try them iced or hot!  I do love this box, as it’s a great introductory to new blends and flavours you wouldn’t otherwise try.  I’ve received this box consistently since the beginning of the year and haven’t been let down yet.  If you fall in love with a blend and want more of it, Amoda has made it really easy to order large quantities through their site, which is a huge bonus!





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One comment on “Amoda Tea Review June 2017

  1. Amoda Tea says:

    Thanks for the post! You’re right that these are unconventional iced teas. I think you’d be surprised at how delicious the Himalayan Golden is as a cold brew! It’s naturally sweet because of all those golden tips and is amazing if you love pure teas. The Caramel Apple is so good iced!! Sweeten a little with honey and I’m sure you’ll love it! The Pu-erh we added in because we know a lot of people still love their hot cuppa in the summer. We won’t let you down next month 🙂

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