BookCase Club Review December 2016

BookCase Club is a book subscription box. You receive Mystery Boxes filled with great books! Handpicked by their expert curators. Delivered to your door every month. Starting at $9.99. For every new subscription, they donate a book to Books for Keeps. Read books. Do good.  They kindly sent us this box for review.

Note: A couple of our BookCase Club boxes got rerouted in the mail so we are catching up on our reviews this month.

I’m a pretty avid reader!  I will mainly read the old classics, but summer is coming and it’s time to stock up on those beach reads!  BookCase Club is an excellent way to have the top selling books arrive right at your door step.  This box is from the Teenage Dreams Case which is Two handpicked Young Adult novels delivered to your door every month.  These are the perfect beach-bum reads and I’ll be tucking them away with my sun screen and bathing suits for some pool side R&R.

Diamond Boy – by Michael Williams
“DIAMONDS ARE FOR EVERYONE.” – That’s what fifteen-year-old Patson Moyo hears when his family arrives in the Marange diamond fields.  Soon Patson is working in the mines along with four friends, pooling their profits for a chance at a better life.  Each of them hopes to find girazi, a priceless stone that could change their circumstances forever.  But when the government’s soilders come to Marange, Patson’s world is shattered.

Set against the backdrop of Zimbabwe’s brutal recent history, Diamond Boy is the story of a young man who succumbs to greed but finds his way out through a transformative journey to South Africa in search of his missing sister, in search of freedom, and in search of himself.  
A high-stakes, harrowing adventure in the blood-diamond fields of southern Africa, from the critically acclaimed author of Now Is the Time for Running.

Wow!  This sounds amazing and I may not be able to wait until summer to read it.  Both the books in this box are hard cover, which I really appreciate!

A Matter of Heart – by Amy Fellner Dominy
I’m still me.  I’m still the same person who comes to life in the water.  The same person who has always dreamed in the shades of blue.  A tiny white pill can’t change all that.

There isn’t much to go off of for this one, but that last sentence pulled me in!

BookCrate Club January 2017 – Final Thoughts

This box is a no-brainer for anyone who reads through books like a water.  Both these books look like very easy reads and page turners.  You might look at this and think you couldn’t possibly read that much in a year, but take my advice and start your summer stack now!  There’s nothing worse than wanting book after book on the beach and not knowing where to turn!





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