Bowzer Box Review April 2017

Bowzer Box is a monthly subscription for the furry friend in your life!  I have to say, this is my favourite subscription box!  It’s always exceptionally well thought out and put together, every item is usable and put to use right away, and they do a great job of making sure your dogs basic treats are met, but put in a few other items to make sure the pup stays happy!

Bentley is obviously already excited about this month’s box…

Hello Spring

Spring is finally here, and depending on where you live in Canada you’re probably seeing the last bits of snow melting away.  With the welcoming of Spring we celebrate new growth, whether it’s on the trees, in the yard, or planting our gardens.  As each day gets warmer we start to see wee critters come out of hibernation, the ducks are back, bugs are buzzing and birds are chirping.  We’re hoping pup will dig into this box instead of your garden or the yard, with a fun toy and delicious treats how could he resist?

Hero – Kangaroo Shoulder Bone

Dehydrated kangaroo shoulder bones are slow-dried to lock-in natural flavours.  Kangaroo is a great alternative to beef bones for dogs with allergies or digestive sensitivities.  There are no additives, no hormones, no fillers, and no artificial flavours.  They are also an excellent source of chondroitin

Oh man… Dogs with digestive sensitivities.  Bowzer you have no idea how timely this is… I gave Bentley a beef bone at the beginning of this week and he spent two days chewing on it… He spent three days sick and I was up multiple times throughout the night with him running him outside or cleaning up messes.  Not fun.  I’ll have to wait until he’s feeling better before giving this to him, but I’m interested to see how he handles it.

Natural Balance – L.I.T. Limited Ingredient Treats

L.I.T. Treats are designed for dogs with sensitivities to common ingredients.  Limiting the number of ingredients offers a unique alternative for dogs with special dietary needs.

Bentley hasn’t exhibited sensitivities to ingredients yet, but considering our last week I think I’ll stick to giving him these until his stomach feels a bit better.  It can be so hard to know the good wholesome treats from the garbage, but I’ve purchased Natural Balance before and Bentley has always done well with them!

Treats Happen – Softies

First of two limited-ingredient dog treats, Softies are prepared slowly with care to remove moisture but lock in the flavour your dog will love.  They are kept soft using molasses instead of propylene glycol.

Again, the timing of sensitive aware treats is so perfect for us!  I’ll feel comfortable giving Bentley any of these over the next week or so!

Pet P.L.A.Y.

Pets always know how to bring smiles to our faces; their lightheartedness and never-ending sense of fun is the inspiration behind P.L.A.Y. dog toys.  Fun plush toys feature durable multiple-stitch construction, amusing shapes, and a squeaker inside each.

Yea that squeaker won’t last long haha!  Bentley’s job one is to always de-squeak.  I know he will love this, but I can’t see it staying intact very long, even though there is durable stitching.

Petmate – Precision Pet Poop Bags

Little stinker textured bags are easy to open for quick and simple use!  These pet waste bags are durable and don’t break easily.

Yes!  The poop bags are back!  I love getting this item, as it’s something you use multiple times a day and you can go through so many rolls within a month.  I like to keep the poop bag stack high!

Bowzer Box April 2017 – Final Thoughts

I am always impressed by this box.  I can’t believe the timing of the sensitive products.  My poor little gaffer still isn’t quite himself and has been sleeping all morning today so far.  As always, every item is a win and totally usable in this house.  Bentley will love the toy and I love the all natural products!

-Shonah & Bentley

Bowzer Box

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