Bowzer Box Review July 2019

Bowzer Box is a Canadian dog subscription box. Each month, boxes are shipped across the country and delivered right to your door step. Included are a variety of quality goods, such as treats, toys, and other samples, from companies across Canada and the USA. Boxes are also customizable, with adjustments and considerations made to the items, such as the size of your pooch. Finally, each box typically features an info card, and wrapping paper to protect the products.

Here’s a closer look at the items I received in the July Bowzer Box…..

Beef Tendersticks

Each Bowzer Box includes a variety of healthy treat options. This month’s first treats were Beef Tendersticks, by Caledon Farms, a local company. These are an excellent size for medium to larger dogs, and a hearty flavour that my Labrador loved. There have no added preservatives or colours which I appreciate as an owner too.

Lamb Berry Chews

Next treats included were by Northern, in the “Lamb Berry” flavour and made in Canada again. The sizes are smaller, in soft and chewy bites, and my dog really liked the flavour as well. Bowzer Box does a great job of finding different treat options to change up what you offer to your pet.

Jerky Strips

The last treats included were 2 strips of jerky by Exeter Farms. They are all natural and made with no antibiotics or preservatives. They were great to offer to my dog to entertain her while I got work done.

Elephant Toy

This month’s toy was a large, bright pink elephant. It is soft to touch and but also very sturdy material. The size is great for a medium or large dog, making it perfect for any playful pooch.

Pumpkin Pour Over

The last item in the July box was a Pumpkin Pour Overs by The Honest Kitchen. It’s a Pumpkin and Salmon Stew flavoured meal enhancer for dogs. It is also grain-free. I like that Bowzer Box offers unique products for dog owners to try and am interested to see what Roxy thinks of this one.

Bowzer Box Review July 2019 – Final Thoughts

Overall, the July Bowzer Box was great! The bags of treats were large and enjoyable flavours for Roxy, and it is great to find new local companies to support. She loves the elephant toy that was included too and is running around with it as I type this. For shoppers looking for a Canadian pet subscription box, I highly recommend Bowzer Box, for their own dog or as a gift option for friends and family members.

Katelin –




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