Bowzer Box Review September 2017

Bowzer Box is the #1 Canadian Monthly Subscription Box for Dogs delivered to your door each month. Proudly Canadian. They aim to take the guess work out of buying products for your dogs and make “shopping” more convenient for busy pet owners. Each month your pup will receive a handpicked selection of high quality dog products – everything from toys and gourmet treats, bones & more! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Up until the last couple months Shonah has been our dedicated Bowzer Box reviewer because her pup Bentley absolutely loves this subscription. But, my Dad recently got two of the most adorable chocolate lab puppies and they love this box just as much as Bentley, so we are now taking turns doing the review. Jock and Fritz are going to be SO excited when I show up at my Dad’s house with the September Bowzer Box goodies in hand.

September Theme – School’s In

8am – Bowzer, it’s time for school! Wait, Bowzer doesn’t go to school! As Bowzer sends the kids off in the morning he’s left alone, either waiting for the dog walker, or waiting till someone comes home in the afternoon. Bowzer has had a long relaxing summer, but now it’s time to learn how to be good on his own, no messes in the house, no barking and no biting the mail man. 

Etta Says Little Bitz

Dogs love these tasty treats. And they’re grain free, with no artificial fillers, additives, colouring, or preservatives. Just pure natural goodness from American Farms for the head of your household. Etta Says! Give’em the best, give’em Treat Planet treats. 

My Dad is in the process of training the pups, therefore he always has a few treats in his pocket. These little bite-size goodies will be perfect for that.

Ethical Pet Skineezz

Ethical continues to provide pet owners and their pets with the absolutely best consumer value and customer service in the pet industry while never losing sight of quality, innovation, safety and honesty. 

This is the creepiest little dog toy ever. But, I guarantee the pups are going to love it. They always love the toys that creep me out the most.

Fou Fou Brands Healthy Food Enhancers

Packaged in spice grinders, Vegalicious Healthy Food Enhancers may be used over any foods: wet, dry or raw. For dogs, food enhancers are a super formula full of natural antioxidants, omegas, and probiotics – a delicious power boost of nutrition and flavour for dogs. 

How fun is this! Luckily, Fritz and Jock are healthy eaters. They will literally eat anything you give them. But, I know some dogs are picky eaters and this would be a great way to add a little extra flavour to their food……as well as a health boost.

Gabo Pet Treats Rib/Marrow Bone

Gabo dog bones will provide your dog with hours of chew time enjoyment. This all natural beef treat will have your pup begging for more. Not only will your pooch’s mouth water but it’s also a great way to encourage healthy chewing behaviour. 

These kind of treats are a great way to keep your pups occupied. It takes them a while to chew through it so it’s kind of like a babysitter and treat all in one.

Oven Baked Tradition

Oven baked – because they care about your dog’s health, they have chosen functional ingredients such as pumpkin a natural source of antioxidants, beta-carotene and important vitamins, inulin an effective prebiotic to insure optimal intestinal function as well as glucosamine and chondroitin to protect joints. 

Bowzer Box Review September 2017 – Final Thoughts

Bowzer Box provides a great experience month after month. We have been reviewing this box for quite some time and have never been disappointed. They have great themes, a great price point, a nice mixture of products, and quality brands. As we head into the Fall & Winter months I have my fingers crossed for some holiday themed boxes. I can remember receiving some fun Christmas themed products in previous Bowzer Boxes……candy cane toys and iced dog cookies anyone?


Bowzer Box

Bowzer Box provides a monthly subscription service to customers and will use various local and some international pet supplies companies to create our boxes.

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