Bowzer Box Review September 2018

Bowzer Box is a Canadian subscription box for dog lovers and their pets. Based in British Columbia, Bowzer Box works to provide high quality treats, toys, and samplers from Canadian and American companies, shipped right to your doorstep every month. Each box is tailored to your dog’s characteristics and can be customized based on the size of your pooch and other factors. Each box features an information card and Bowzer Box wrapping paper. The goodies are filled to the brim and wrapped nicely in the paper.

The Goodies
Benny Bully’s

This box was full of healthy and yummy flavoured treats for my dog. Benny Bully’s, all natural treats made in Canada, were my dog’s favourite. This flavour was beef liver & real apple, and the pieces are a good size for my Labrador.


Vegalicious offered two treats in different styles for this box as well. The first was their Healthy Popped Snacks in a Lentil blend, the second was a Healthy Treat Bar in Crazy Coconut flavour. My puppy preferred the lentil flavoured treats, while my neighbours dog preferred the coconut bar treats. I have never heard of coconut dog treats before, and appreciate Bowzer Box adding unique flavours to their boxes each month.


Next bag of treats was the PureBites Pork Jerky. These bacon style strips are 100% natural jerky, and come in a bright, resealable bag. Roxy is a big fan of bacon, so I am sure she will love these. The resealable package is perfect for keeping the food fresh for as long as possible.

The toy included in this month’s box was a no stuffing animal with multiple squeakers. My dog loved this toy, and kept gnawing on the ends. It was unfortunately a bit small for her, but in a larger size it would be perfect. For small dogs, this mini size would be excellent.

The last item included was a small chew treat. Unfortunately there was no label or tag, but I think it is a rawhide treat. I like giving Roxy rawhides while I am working to keep her entertained, so I know this one will come in handy.

Bowzer Box Review September 2018 – Final Thoughts

I always am impressed with the quality of goods included in Bowzer Box, and this box was the best yet. Roxy’s favourite item was the Benny Bully’s treats, and I am pleased with the variety of natural treat options included. I wish the toy was a bit bigger, but the abundance of treats balanced that out.

Bowzer Box offers reasonably priced boxes and low shipping costs, and I am proud to support a growing Canadian company.

Katelin –




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