Box of Happies Review October 2016

Box of Happies Review October 2016

It has been almost a year since my last Box of Happies review so it is definitely time to do another one. I like to check in with subscription boxes every so often just to see what they have been up to, what changes they have made, etc.

Box of Happies Details

If you aren’t familiar with Box of Happies it is a monthly subscription box of unique handmade products created by talented artists! Each month, you can expect to receive 4 to 6 amazing handmade products curated in a reusable craft box. Box of Happies kindly sent me this box to review.


The Box: Box of Happies

Cost: $29.49

What You Get: Each month, you can expect to receive 4 to 6 handmade surprises packaged in a nifty reusable plastic container.

Ships to: US

Shipping Cost: FREE

Subscription Details

Anytime I do an updated review I spend some time on the company’s website. While going through the FAQ I found this:

Question: What are Happies?

Answer: “Happies” are items that cheer you up and put a smile on your face.

I thought that was really cute. Who doesn’t want a box full of items that will make you smile. Let’s see what “Happies” I received this month….

Box of Happies Necklace

It appears as though Box of Happies has started including some of their own products, with this being one of them. It’s simple and cute at the same time. I use to have necklace very similar to this.

Box of Happies Bracelet

This is another one of their products. It’s hard to tell from the photo but the beads are a very pale pink color. It’s a very pretty bracelet. It will stack nicely with gold or silver.

Box of Happies Headband

This headband is so pretty! I absolutely love the design, but it worries me a little. I’m scared that my hair will get caught in the metal pieces.

Contempo Jewelry Stud Earrings

How cute are these! The color is gorgeous and they are small and simple. Contempo Jewelry is an Etsy Shop. I’m happy to see some handmade jewelry.

Hooked Soap Handmade Soap in Cran Apple Marmalade

Oh my goodness, this soap smells so good. It’s very potent, but so good at the same time. It made my entire room smell like cran apple.

Box of Happies Review October 2016 – Final Thoughts

I like Box of Happies. I think the price is reasonable and I like that it includes handmade goods. Handmade products are my favourite. I would have liked to see a couple more in the box, rather than their own products, but at the same time the jewelry pieces are nice. I don’t find myself getting overly excited about the October box, I think I liked my last box better. Maybe it’s the fact that a majority of the items were fashion accessories. I definitely like to see a couple other product types in the mix. Overall it is a very cute box, with a great idea behind it.





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