Box of Challenge Review July 2017

Box of Challenge creates a new challenge every month, you have 60 minutes to resolve! Boxes include challenges, brainteasers, puzzles, instructions and tons of inspiration. Perfect for spending quality time with your family and for hanging out with friends. Whether you’re 8 or 88, you’re sure to enjoy it.

I am so excited to be reviewing Box of Challenge for the first time today. We just discovered this box not too long ago, and I was immediately intrigued. The idea behind this box is genius. It is perfect for family night, couple’s night, or a get-together with friends.

I feel like there’s a lot to go over when it comes to this subscription so let’s get in to the details….

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Box of Challenge subscription you only one option to choose from – monthly recurring subscription. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1 – Our experts have fun creating monthly adventures. Challenges are a surprise and center around a theme, e.g., Crazy Circus, Super Geometry, the Riddler, UFOs. Everyone can do it!
  • Step 2 – Sign-up is easy, includes free shipping, and takes a minute. Your first box is delivered to your door within 5-7 days.
  • Step 3 – Enjoy and have fun together. Check your mail! There’s no better gift than an hour of fun and excitement. Recommended for 2-6 players, Age 8+.

Good to Know:

  • Every month we’ll send you a magical box tailored to a super fun theme Box! Boxes include challenges, brainteasers, puzzles, instructions and tons of inspiration. Perfect for spending quality time with your family and for hanging out with friends. Whether you’re 8 or 88, you’re sure to enjoy it.
  • Our boxes are designed for adults, teens and kids ages 8+. We take great care to offer a wide variety of activities that everyone can enjoy. In some cases, a younger child may need the help of an adult whereas an older child may be able to independently complete the activities. Our boxes provide a unique experience of working together, communicating and exploring new things.
  • Each box is designed for a 60-minute challenge. It includes between 4 and 5 challenges your team needs to tackle. Each and every box has a record holder. If you have broken a record written on the instruction paper provided inside the box, you can win amazing prizes! Post on our Facebook a video proving your time.

Here’s a look at the team challenges and projects we received this month….

Blindfold Jigsaw Puzzle

Solve a simple jigsaw puzzle covering your eyes with the blindfold provided. To solve it quickly, ask your teammates to guide you in locating the pieces. Only the blindfolded person is allowed to touch the puzzle.

A QR code is provided – scan it to get an inspiration from the music of Nobuyuki T sujii born blind but with an incredible talent for music.

Marshmallow Tower

This activity flexes communication skills of your group. Make a stable 6-story tall tower! Find any structure that works. Scan the QR code provided to get some inspiration from the pros.

Matchstick Puzzle

Make the same structure as shown in the picture after scanning the QR code. The challenge is to move any 3 matches (craft sticks) to show only 2 squares.

Off The Top of my Head

Players will take turns drawing a card and placing it on their forehead so that all other players can see the image/word on the card, except them. All other players will help the person holding the card guess the image/word by giving hints. You need to guess the entire deck of cards. Scan the QR code provided to see how the pros do it.

Rebus Puzzle

The following word picture puzzles are pictograms that include a hidden word or a common phrase. Your task is to decipher 15 out of 23. Don’t open the envelope until you are done writing your answers.

Also included on the challenge sheet is the Box of challenge record holder for this month’s team challenges. The Weinberg family completed all the challenges in 27 minutes. If you break this record you can post on their Facebook page a video that proves it and instantly win a fun, cool prize!

Box of Challenge Review July 2017 – Final Thoughts

Love, love, love! It’s so refreshing to receive a box full of activities rather than a box full of things. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good beauty box, but sometimes I would rather create experiences than add to my makeup collection. Box of Challenge has won me over after only one review. I love the idea of this box. It would be perfect for sleepovers with my nieces and nephews. They would love to do the challenges provided while trying to beat the clock. I also like that the challenges and projects aren’t too involved or overly complicated. The instructions are quick and easy to follow, and the challenges are just that…..challenges. I LOVE solving problems and doing projects. This box is getting me very excited and speaking to my heart at the same time. This is a box I would love to receive every month! No doubt about it.

What do you think of Box of Challenge?





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