Boxcitement Review July 2017

Boxcitement is a UK Subscription Box. It is a surprise monthly gift box containing exclusively designed stationery, jewellery, small homewares, gifts and simple crafts based on a different theme every month. All items are designed by the Boxcitement creative team and are unavailable elsewhere. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Boxcitement is a UK subscription box that has been in business since 2015, but this is my very first time reviewing. I actually only discovered it about a month ago. I love the idea that all the items are designed by the Boxcitement team and that they aren’t available anywhere else. It makes the box unique and definitely adds value.

Subscription Details

Here’s a little more info from their website:

Every month, our design team create a new theme and the range of exclusive gifts, stationery and other accessories that the box will contain. As a regular subscriber you are guaranteed to receive a brand new box, around the same time every month, for as long as you like. Our boxes regularly sell out so subscribing is the only way to ensure you receive a Boxcitement Consignment every month. Don’t worry about obligations or contracts; it’s easy to cancel anytime, pause your subscription or buy a one-off to try us out and then subscribe at a later time. Give us a try!

  • Pay on a monthly basis, or save money with 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions
  • Cancel anytime with no obligation
  • Boxes are posted out on the 22nd every month (or next working day)
  • UK postage and packing is included and we also ship worldwide
July Theme – Drama Queen

Whether you’re a thriller queen or a silent movie star, a comedy player or a die hard romantic – this box will help bring out your best performance.

What a cute theme! I was impressed the moment I opened the box. They do a wonderful job with their packaging and it just looked so fun. It made me want to jump right in!

Phone Charger Stand

What a genius idea. I’m using this as we speak and have been for the last few days. It fits perfectly in the corner of my desk and holds my iPhone 6 nicely. I have been listening to audio books while I work and it’s nice to have a stand for my phone so I can pause, play, skip and stop as needed. And the saying on the stand is pretty awesome – “I’m waiting for the call”.

Face Glitter

Isn’t this just the cutest little necklace with the cutest little bottle of glitter on it. Use the glitter on your face or for crafts. My nieces are going to be fighting over this.


I am always happy to receive notebooks. I have one sitting beside me as we speak, one in my purse and one in the kitchen. This one is particularly cute thanks to the dotted lines.

Fabulous Bracelet

I just absolutely love the design of this bracelet. This is another item my nieces will fight over, but it’s also one I want to keep for myself.


These are the cutest cards. I kind of want to frame them but also feel like they deserve to be shared. I have 3 nieces so I will probably make a little gift bag for each of them and include one of these cards with a written note telling them all how fabulous they are:)

Wall Print

Wall prints are such a fun item to receive in a subscription box. I have 3 white Ikea frames in my office and switch out my prints each month. Right now I have this one leaning on my desk shelf so I can look at it while I work.

Retro Sweets

The product card says that these are perfect for the theatre interval. I am so impressed with the theme and how all of the items match it perfectly.

Boxcitement Review July 2017 – Final Thoughts

I absolutely love my very first Boxcitement box. I think this is such a fun subscription. Fun and unique! That’s the best way to describe it. The theme this month was creative and every single item matched it perfectly. The July Boxcitement was so much fun to unbox. I wonder if all their boxes are like this? If they are then sign me up! I also like the fact that it’s a fun box for all ages. I loved unboxing it but my nieces would love it just as much, if not more. Come to think of it, out of all the subscription boxes I receive, this would be the one I would purchase as a gift for any of my nieces. And at the same time I could also see myself getting this as a gift for my best friend. Boxcitement put a smile on my face and brightened my day………how can you not love it?!





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