BuddhiBox Review January 2018

BuddhiBox it is a monthly care package filled with full-size yoga products that will inspire your life, workouts and community. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

BuddhiBox has 3 different subscriptions to choose from and I want them all! Here are the details:

  • Yoga Box – filled with full-size yoga products that will inspire your life, workouts and community.
  • Jewelry Box – Love malas and inspirational jewelry? So do we! Our quarterly Jewelry BuddhiBox is filled with 2-3 jewelry and accessory pieces that are handmade with intention by artisans. Boxes ship February, May, August and November.
  • BBEO Box – Essential oils, crystals, and meditations that enhance the mind-body-soul connection. For $15.95/month inclusive of shipping, you receive one essential oil roll-on, a deluxe essential oil sample, a crystal, and a guided meditation valued at $40+ each shipment. Essential oil blends created by alchemist, yoga teacher, and reiki healer Julie Quinn. Exclusively for BuddhiBox.

Here’s a look at the items we received in the January Yoga Box…..

ToeSox Casual Socks ($18)

These soft and pretty casual toe socks offer both warmth and comfort outside the yoga studio. With ankle and arch bands for support, a fitted heel, and ToeSox five yogi-toe design, these organic cotton and polyester socks are great for under boots or to put on after your yoga practice.

I may have squealed a little when I saw these! I have never owned a pair of toe socks, nevermind knee-high toe socks! I absolutely love the uber trendy dusty rose color of these and the feminine pattern. The fabric itself feels high quality and ultra soft. I can tell these will be a staple in my wardrobe and I may need to find out where I can get more ASAP!

BuddhiBox Pocket-sized Notebook ($7)

A goal isn’t a goal until you write it down! Use this mini notebook to record your hopes, dreams, and New Year’s intentions and keep them with you as you work towards achieving your goals. The attractive cover includes our mandala logo and the motivational phrase, “She turned her can’ts into cans and her dreams into plans.” Tuck it in your purse or yoga bag as a reminder to jot down your thoughts every day!

What a thoughtful item! This is a perfect item to receive in a January box. January is a great time to reassess goals and be mindful of our intentions. I absolutely love that they used the word intention in lieu of resolutions as I find the latter can be more about giving something up. This year I am focusing on being thankful. I plan on using this sweet little notebook to keep track of 3 things I am thankful for every day.

Original Way Smudge ($6)

These white sage smudge sticks not only help purify the atmosphere but also offer protection from negativity and other powerful sources that can interfere with the balance of your life. Use it to smudge your home, office, or any physical space that needs cleansing. Helps provide a fresh start to the New Year!

If you read the BBEO BuddhiBox review you will notice that we received the smudge stick in that box as well. I am not entirely familiar with smudging but can share a little research I found. Smudging is an ancient and sacred ceremony best done with full awareness in a slow, mindful manner. I also read that it is very important to spend a bit more time in the room corners as they tend to accumulate stagnant energy. I am all for protecting our lives from the negativity and sources that can interfere with the balance of life. Best to start the New Year full of positivity and light.

Luna Cleansing Spray and Microfiber Towel ($15)

No one likes a stinky yoga mat! Keep yours fresh as the new-fallen snow with Luna organic spray, featuring coconut, olive, and jojoba, blended with essential oils like bergamot, rosemary, and green tea. Alcohol-free, it won’t dry out your mat! Just spray it on and dry it with the accompanying towel. Use on other equipment, too!

I love to see such practical items in a yoga box. Who knew cleansing spray could sound so exciting! The smell is incredible and will come in handy for my workouts. I also love that they accompanied the spray with a towel. That small details are what can really set a box apart.

Gaffer and Child Facial Cleanser ($24)

Good cleansers don’t have to be heavy to be powerful! This delightful cleanser is light, non-drying, and scented with refreshing and rejuvenating lavender and peppermint. Ideal for both morning and evening use, it can be easily tucked into your gym bag for a deep-cleaning pick-me-up wherever and whenever you need it!

This also smells amazing. I can really smell the lavender and there is just a hint of peppermint. I love peppermint in any beauty product as I find it always leaves a little tingle that I just can’t seem to get enough of. I am excited to give it a try tonight in my evening routine. It may also end up in my gym bag as it truly is the perfect size to keep on hand after an especially sweaty workout.

Oiliving Life – Protect Spray ($12)

Are you ready to tackle the New Year with gusto and positivity? Protect Spray can help! An immune supporter essential oil blend with super antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, this spray helps shield you from negative energy and promotes empowerment. Use it prior to yoga, exercise classes, or just about any time you need to keep your immune system strong and your chakras aligned!

This is another item that we also received in the BBEO box and I was so excited to see it again in this box! I feel like I need to stock pile this stuff. As we speak I have a kiddo home from school with a sore tummy and as I mentioned in the other review, I have been fighting off something for the last month at least. Every few days I feel run down and brace myself for whatever sickness is lurking. My office is now fully protected with this spray which smells incredible. I can smell the eucalyptus, clove and lemon. Bring on immunity!

BuddhiBox Review January 2018 – Final Thoughts

BuddhiBox did a wonderful job of the January Box. The New Year element is there with the notebook and smudge stick. This box is also very well-rounded with a couple practical items, a beauty product, and those incredible socks that I may or may not already be wearing. I think any yoga enthusiast would use and appreciate each and every item this month. Heck I’m not even a yogi and I will for sure put most of the items to good use. In fact, I am spraying my office for immunity right now! BuddhiBox has really been on a role the last few months with their boxes and I am excited to see what is next!



A yogi lifestyle box that inspires you to get your buddhi on the mat and live more mindfully when off your mat.

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