BuddhiBox Review June 2017

BuddhiBox it is a monthly care package filled with full-size yoga products that will inspire your life, workouts and community. They kindly sent us this box for review.

“Nothing in the world can purify as powerful as wisdom; practiced in yoga, you will find this wisdom within yourself”
– Bhagavad Gita

Bear’s Beauty Hemp – Sun Hat Mineral SPF Powder

Sun loving yogis know the importance of practicing safe sun play.  This perfectly does double duty.  Portable powder blurs imperfections, adds SPF, and blends easily with any serum, cream, balm, or lotion.  All natural so that it won’t clog pores.  Neutral shade looks great on everyone and it can be adjusted based on how much protection you need.

What a great idea!  It’s perfect to mix with face lotion that doesn’t already come with it’s own SPF.  Now that the weather is nicer I am spending a lot more time outside and it can be so easy to forget to cover up for the sun.

The Suburban Monk 

Meet Syd, the 2 thumbs up, Buddha-like statue.  Syd’s mission is to spread love and joy wherever he goes, as well as fun, happiness, hope, good luck, humour, encouragement, and inspiration!  Place Syd at your desk, in your car, or at home and welcome the possibilities that came with positive living

Gaiam – Restore Foot Massager

Not just for your feet, this mini massager relieves tightness in the hands, arms, and legs.  Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, its compact size is great for on the go use.  Perfect to soothe your way into savasana.

Such a great item!  So perfect for a subscription box.  Small, yet super useful.  I can’t wait to put this little device to work.  I might just have to keep it at the office hidden under my desk.  For those gals who wear the killer heels to work, this item would be a life saver!

Purely Inspire Plant Based Protein 

As yogis, we stay pretty active; so it is essential to keep our energy up – naturally.  This organic protein will do the trick!  100% Plant-Based Nutritional Shake provides you with a premium, vegan protein you can feel good about.  Perfect for breakfast or post-yoga snack.

Love this item!  I always appreciate having healthy snacks on the go and this is a great one to turn to in those last-minute moments.  I might have to mix one of these up with some coconut milk and strawberries!

GypsySoul Organics Elements Aromatherapy Spray

Sometimes you just need a natural pick-me-up!  Aromatherapy can change your body, mind and spirit with energy.  GSO’s uplifting potions can invigorate and revitalize you physically, all while fostering a positive and inspiring outlook to your life!  And they smell amazing!

All Natural – Yoga Mat Spray

You’ll look forward to downward dog pose after you spray your mat with this naturally scented cleaner.  Simply spray on and wipe clean.  Created with essential oils, both naturally antibacterial and antiviral.  You can use this on your mat or to freshen up surfaces in your home.

There is nothing worse than a stinky yoga mat and they can be so tricky to clean!  I can’t wait to try out this mat cleaner.  I also see it can be used to freshen up your face or body after a good yoga session!  The aromatherapy spray smells delightful!  I often like to spray a room with nicely scented oils before beginning a work out.

BuddhiBox June 2017 – Final Thoughts

This is exactly what this box should be!  Well themed and geared towards those who practice yoga, but the potential for those outside the practice to enjoy as well.  I really liked the yoga specific items, such as the mat spray, but really appreciated the non yoga items like the SPF powder and foot massager.  I feel some really good thought went into this month’s box.  The protein powder felt like a bonus item to me, as even compared to last month’s box, this box was quite full!  If you’re a yogi, or even enjoy mindful practice, this box is a great fit for you!





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