BuddhiBox Review October 2017

BuddhiBox it is a monthly care package filled with full-size yoga products that will inspire your life, workouts and community. They kindly sent us this box for review.

BuddhiBox is a lovely little subscription. It’s a really great reminder to live a yogi lifestyle, which is something I strive for. I really love the thought that goes into this box, as well as the mixture of products they include. Every month we review the Yoga Box but I am super interested in the other two boxes they offer. See the details below.

Subscription Details

BuddhiBox has 3 different subscriptions to choose from and I want them all! Here are the details:

  • Yoga Box – filled with full-size yoga products that will inspire your life, workouts and community.
  • Jewelry Box – Love malas and inspirational jewelry? So do we! Our quarterly Jewelry BuddhiBox is filled with 2-3 jewelry and accessory pieces that are handmade with intention by artisans. Boxes ship February, May, August and November.
  • BBEO Box – Essential oils, crystals, and meditations that enhance the mind-body-soul connection. For $15.95/month inclusive of shipping, you receive one essential oil roll-on, a deluxe essential oil sample, a crystal, and a guided meditation valued at $40+ each shipment. Essential oil blends created by alchemist, yoga teacher, and reiki healer Julie Quinn. Exclusively for BuddhiBox.

Here’s a look at the items we received in the October Yoga Box…..

Evelyn Iona Cosmetics – Green Tea Primer ($29.50)

Perfect for even the most sensitive skin, this primer features all-natural ingredients that create a smooth canvas for daily make-up application. Ultra-hydrating properties prevent drying and anti-oxidants are ideal for reducing the appearance of fine lines and pores. Green tea and avocado oil help your skin repair itself. Use this product along with asana poses that focus on the head and face to achieve glowing skin and a more youthful look.

This primer is quite popular right now. I have received it in a couple other subscription boxes but am yet to try it. I kind of wish I had taken the time to test it out so I could at least let you know my thoughts on it. But, as of right now, all I can tell you is that I like the sound of it. I like any skincare product that claims to make my skin glow.

Moondani – Mystical Mint Freshener Spray ($9)

Mystical Mint Freshener fits conveniently in a purse, pocket or yoga bag and is an ideal way to keep your ujayyi breath minty through each sun salutation! Made of all-natural ingredients like ginger extract and cardamon oil, this handy little pick-me-up contains no additives or preservatives and comes in a sturdy sprayer.

Oh….this is kind of fun. I try to stay away from regular gum and mints because of the sugar, but this one is made with all-natural ingredients and contains no preservatives. I am intrigued.

Sat Nam Amazonite Mala Bead Bracelet ($25)

Raise your vibration with this wrist mala inspired by the mantra Sat Nam. “Sat” meaning truth and “Nam” meaning identity, this mantra is the most prevalent of all mantras in Kundalinin yoga. Amazonite is a stone of open mindedness. These energizing healing beads will inspire you to nurture truth, honesty, honour and positive self-love.

I always appreciate a pretty bracelet. Especially one that has meaning behind it. And beaded bracelets are my favourite style because they are so easy to put on and take off.

Sincerely Different – Achy Muscle Rub ($14)

Whether you suffer from work-related pain, gardener’s stiff muscles, or you’ve simply done way too many locusts or scorpions, Achy Muscle Rub can offer relief quickly. All-natural ingredients that won’t irritate your skin, this soothing salve provides long-lasting relief that’ll get you through even the most challenging poses.

This is a handy little product to keep in the bathroom drawer. It’s not often I need something like this, but the odd time that I do have sore muscles it is really nice to have.

Rose Quartz Heart ($16)

Long known as the Lover’s Stone, rose quartz possesses special energies that rejuvenate both the physical and spiritual being. This delicate token of love also dispels negativity, restores harmony in relationships, and encourages self-forgiveness. Tuck it in your gym bag and keep it for yourself or give it to a treasured loved one or friend!

I love this gorgeous little stone. First of all, I am a sucker for hearts and second, I like that it dispels negativity. I try to keep my life and my space as positive as I possibly can, but there are days when negative thoughts can creep in. I will keep this stone close by on those days.

Theramu – Pro To-Go ($4)

An all-natural way to relief pain and inflammation, Theramu offers a quick relief when it’s needed. Theramu can also reduce scarring and strengthen the skin, all with no scary side effects! To-go packs are ideal for relief after that intense Kundalini class or weekly Vinyasa workout.

BuddhiBox Review October 2017 – Final Thoughts

BuddhiBox put together a lovely box this month. It might not be my favourite, but I like it nonetheless. Every item we received is useful and I am happy to have received all of them. The quartz heart is stunning and the muscle rub will come in handy. To date, the February box is still my all-time favourite. I love it when we receive some sort of fitness accessory, tea and/or a snack. But, that is strictly a personal preference. I have definitely noticed a more spiritual vibe to the boxes as of late and that will definitely appeal to some subscribers. Overall, this is a great subscription for anyone living a yogi lifestyle, or those that aspire to.



A yogi lifestyle box that inspires you to get your buddhi on the mat and live more mindfully when off your mat.

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