Cairn Review June 2018

At Cairn, they love the outdoors and want to inspire people to get outside. Every month, you’ll receive a box of products that cater to an outdoor lifestyle. You’ll receive 3 – 6 products (up to $50 value) monthly or 5 – 10 premium products ($300+ value) quarterly. Sample categories that may be included in box: Gear, Apparel, Food/Energy, Skincare, Emergency/Medical. They kindly sent us this box for review.

We have been reviewing Cairn for a few months now and really feel like we are getting to know what this subscription is all about. We were impressed right off the bat due to the fact that outdoor boxes are few and far between. We also really appreciate the price point and the unique outdoor products they curate each month. Shopping for an outdoor enthusiast? Or maybe you like to spend time in the great outdoors yourself? Then this is a box you might want to check out.

Subscription Details

SUBSCRIBE – Choose a monthly or premium quarterly delivery of new outdoor products. Or gift Cairn to your favorite trail buddy.

DISCOVER NEW GEAR – Receive 3 – 6 products (up to $50 value) monthly or 5 – 10 premium products ($300+ value) quarterly, curated for you.

REVIEW & EARN POINTS – Earn points for reviewing your new gear. Redeem your points in the Cairn Shop for apparel, free boxes, and gifts for friends.

Here’s a closer look at the items in the June Cairn…….

June Details: Serve It Up

As you amp up your outdoor activities, don’t forget to serve up delicious fuel to keep the fun going! This collection was designed to keep you fully charged.

Outdoor Edge ChowPal

Whether you are slicing up a trail snack or stirring up a full meal, this nested, all-in-one utensil set is your go-to. It’s lightweight, ergonomic, durable, and has a secret double life as a multi-tool – shhhh, the ChowPal is hiding a can opener, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, and wrench! When you’re done eating, just fold it up and nest the two pieces together for super simple storage.

This is the kind of product that gets me excited! It’s practical, useful, inventive and it’s a multitasker. No need to carry a bunch or utensils with you. This gadget is a spoon, knife, fork, bottle opened, can opener, etc……..

Mountain House Pasta Primavera

This hearty vegetarian dish can be whipped up in minutes, anywhere you roam. A blend of spiral macaroni with broccoli, peppers, cauliflower and zucchini in irresistible Parmesan cheese sauce, this dehydrated meal is deliciously filling. Enjoy it virtually anywhere you go, on the trail, at camp or at the crag.

I love convenience food! You all know I need snacks with me at all times, it’s even more important when camping and hiking, so this really is the perfect product for me.

Cusa Tea Variety Pack

Get the day started or enjoy an afternoon pick-me-up wherever you are with the world’s first premium instant tea. Cusa Tea is made of organic ingredients with no additives, fillers, or sugar and can be made, hot or cold, in 3 seconds. Lightweight and insanely easy to pack (and make) – just rip, pour, and sip!

Ummm…..this is awesome!!! I can see myself saving these little tea packs for road trips. Tea in 3 seconds sounds like a plan to me!

Honey Stinger Cracker n’ Nut Butter Snack Bar

A new release from Honey Stinger, this bar is a not-so-guilty pleasure that’s an amazing reward or on-the-go snack when you’re pushing yourself outdoors. Made with organic ingredients, no artificial flavours, colors or preservatives and True Source honey.

How amazing does this sound – almond butter filled bars covered in dark chocolate with multigrain crackers and sea salt! Really?! I think I just might need a box of these.

Cairn Review June 2018 – Final Thoughts

The June Cairn box has a “Serve It Up” theme and they certainly delivered. We received an awesome multi-use gadget perfect for eating on the go, as well as a convenient dinner, beverage and a snack. I actually really love the mixture of products and can’t stop playing with the ChowPal…’s pretty darn fun. Cairn is a great box for campers, hikers, and basically anyone who spends time outdoors. It’s also a really great way to discover unique products you might not have found on your own. It’s one I would definitely recommend.



Every month, you’ll receive a box of products that cater to an outdoor lifestyle.

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