Chef’s Plate Review April 2018

Chef’s Plate is a subscription service that delivers chef-designed recipes and fresh ingredients each week. There is no subscription or membership fee to join. Their recipes begin at $10.95 per plate for the 2-Person Plan and $9.75 per plate for the Family Plan. A Year of Boxes pays for this subscription.

So……have you tried Chef’s Plate yet?? If you haven’t….you must. I have been a faithful Chef’s Plate subscriber for almost 2 years. I ordered my first box in August of 2016 and have received a total of 71 deliveries since then. Needless to say, I am obsessed. And…I’m not the only one. The fiancé loves Chef’s Plate just as much as I do. We have probably only received 2 or 3 recipes we didn’t like out of all 71 deliveries. Those are pretty good odds if you ask me. And, if that’s not reason enough to subscribe, they also offer some of the healthiest recipes out of all the meal delivery services I subscribe to (4 total). Use my link to get 3 plates FREE with your first Chef’s Plate box. You won’t be disappointed.

Subscription Details

The Box: Chef’s Plate


  • 2 Person Plan = $49.80 weekly for two meals/recipes ($10.95 per plate)
  • Family Plan = $78.00 weekly for two ($9.75 per plate)

What You Get: Choose from original recipes created by their culinary team & guest chefs. New recipes are introduced each week and feature land, sea and veggie options. You will receive everything you need to make each recipe. Choose from a two-person plan or family plan.

Ships to: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Shipping Cost: Delivery is free on all plans with the exception of our 2-person plan with 2 meals per week. There is a $6 delivery charge applied to this plan.

Coupon Code: Use my link to get 3 FREE plates with your first order – CLICK HERE

Here’s a look at the recipes I received this past week:

Crispy Panko Fish Burgers with Lemon-Caper Relish and Old Bay Potatoes

This crispy fish sandwich layers a double stack of panko-crusted basa and homemade tartar sauce between two sesame seed buns. A sheet full of Old Bay potato crisps are served alongside for delicious dipping.

Tandoori Chickpeas with a Quinoa Pilaf and Greek Yogurt Raita

Heat things up with tandoori roasted flavours in this nourishing and hearty grain bowl. Crispy chickpeas cook alongside sweet potatoes, coated edge to edge with smoky tandoori spices. Greek yogurt mixes up with cumin and fresh mint for a cooling drizzle of raita.

North Indian Veggie Biryani with Tomatoes, Roasted Potatoes and Sweet Peas

Hone your finesse for fine Indian cuisine in this show-stopping vegetable biryani. You’ll sauté fragrant spices and for an aromatic base, before building an indulgent curry sauce to flavour the tender basmati rice. A finishing sprinkle of cilantro and toasted pepitas invites signature Indian flavour into your kitchen!

Chef’s Plate Review April 2018 – Final Thoughts

Chef’s Plate is a necessity in our house. I would honestly be lost without it. It has saved us money and countless trips to the grocery store. The fiancé works out of town for two weeks and is only home for one, so you don’t know how nice it is that I don’t have to worry about making trips to the grocery store when he is home, we have other things we would much rather do with our time. When the fiancé is home each Chef’s Plate meal makes just the right amount for dinner, he usually has 1.5 servings and I have half a serving. And when he is away at work I can get 2-3 meals out of one recipe, which saves me time cooking as I always have leftovers for lunch. Long story short, Chef’s Plate is absolutely perfect for us. I already have recipes picked out for the next 4 weeks and am looking forward to making all of them.


Chef’s Plate

A subscription service that delivers chef-designed recipes and fresh ingredients each week. There is no subscription or membership fee to join.

Ships to:
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