Chef’s Plate Review: Chipotle Black Bean & Corn Double Stacks

Chef’s Plate is a subscription service that delivers chef-designed recipes and fresh ingredients each week. There is no subscription or membership fee to join. Their recipes begin at $10.95 per plate for the 2-Person Plan and $9.75 per plate for the Family Plan. A Year of Boxes pays for this subscription.

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We order 3 new Chef’s Plate recipes each week, and have been for almost a year now. Here’s a look at one of the recipes we received this week….

Chipotle Black Bean and Corn Double Stacks

Creamy black beans bring flavour and body to this playful plant-powered burger! A dose of BBQ sauce and chipotle spices lend the burgers a smoky heat, tucked into crusty ciabatta buns. Fiesta-ready sweet potato ‘nachos’ are served alongside, smattered with a sweet corn and jalapeno toppers.


  • 1 can Black Beans
  • 2 Ciabatta Buns
  • 1/2 oz Rolled Oats
  • 1 ear Sweet Corn
  • 2 Sweet Potato
  • 1 Jalapeno Pepper
  • 1 Tomato
  • 1 Lime
  • 2 oz Sour Cream
  • 2 oz Smoky BBQ Sauce
  • Southwest Spice Mix
    • Garlic Powder
    • Chipotle Chili Powder


  • Prepare Ingredients – preheat oven to 475, wash and dry veggies, halve lime, slice sweet potatoes, cut 2 slices from tomato & small dice rest, husk and shave corn, small dice jalapeño
  • Sweet Potatoes – in large bowl add sweet potatoes, 2 tsp oil, season with salt, toss to combine, arrange on baking sheet in even layer, bake in over for 8 minutes
  • Mix Black Beans – drain and rinse beans, in large bowl mash black beans with potatoes masher, add rolled oats, 1/2 of corn, 3/4 BBQ sauce, 3/4 spice mix, season with salt and pepper and mix well to combine
  • Bake – with damp hands form bean mixture into 4 equal sized burgers and arrange on sheet with potatoes, move to oven, bake for 12-15 minutes, until potatoes and burgers are crisp on the outside
  • Mix Salsa & Chipotle Sour Cream – in medium bowl add jalapeño, diced tomato, remaining corn and juice from 1/2 lime, mix to combine, in small bowl mix sour cream, remaining lime juice, remaining spice mix
  • Toast Ciabatta Buns & Serve – add ciabatta buns directly onto oven rack and toast for 2-4 minutes, plate sweet potatoes with corn salsa and chipotle sour cream, serve black bean burgers on toasted buns with sliced tomato, chipotle sour cream and remaining BBQ sauce
  • Enjoy!

Notes: The black bean burgers had really nice flavour but were a little too soft, I would bake them longer next time, they also fell apart quite easily which made for a messy meal. I sliced my potatoes too thin so they didn’t provide a good base for the salsa. Other than that the meal was very tasty.


Chef’s Plate

A subscription service that delivers chef-designed recipes and fresh ingredients each week. There is no subscription or membership fee to join.

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