Chroma Club Review March 2017

Chroma Club is joy in your inbox. Their coloring books are the perfect blend of art, fun and challenge, with illustrations drawn by artists around the world. Put on some headphones and throw down some colors on their beautiful designs. Let your own creativity spark up. They kindly sent us this box for review.

The pencil crayons displayed in these photos are the property of the photographer and not included within this subscription box.

A colouring book sent to you every month!?  Yes please!  Have I mentioned I’m a bit of an artist, creative?!  Well, I am and this speaks to me on all kinds of levels.  Every page showcases a different artist, tells you a little bit about them and lets you know where you can locate more of their art work.  This is so cool!  It really gives freelance artists a place to show the world what they are up to.  For this reason alone I would subscribe to this box and support these budding artists!

I’m loving the art work of this book.  The images are just complicated enough that it will take a good amount of self-care time to complete them, but not so complicated that you get discourage and never finish – a common problem with me and adult colouring books.

Chroma Club March 2017 – Final Thoughts

What a great subscription box!  It’s also an excellent choice for a wide-spread of ages.  This would be a great box to gift to a niece or nephew or purchase for yourself.  I love that there aren’t an overwhelming amount of pages in it, just enough to complete before your next box arrives.  Some of the pages where a little mystical for me, but over all I loved all the art work and the compilation of different artists.  If the world of adult colouring feels a little to big to you, this is a great place to start!  Time to break out those crayons!





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