Craftadian Review May 2017

Craftadian Artisan Box is a quarterly Handmade Subscription Box, curated with high quality handmade products (Made in Canada). Each box contains 4-5 full sized products and has a retail value of $50-$60. Boxes are mailed out quarterly, every February, May, August and November.

Interested in a single box, no worries. You can order a single (non-subscription) Craftadian Artisan Box for $39.99. They kindly sent us this box for review.

This is a brand new review for us and we are darn excited about it!  There is nothing like an awesome Canadian Subscription Box and when it’s featuring artisans to bring us a uniquely Canadian Artisan collection, well we may just call it quits right now, because this is 100% our language!

EEee!!!  Just look at how beautiful all this is!  Not only does every item catch my eye, but they all photograph so well together!  First impressions: the box feels so delicate to me with a feminine flare.  It’s all just so darn cute!  I may have done a tiny little happy dance in my office when I looked through these items.  Someone should have seriously been filming me, because it was hilarious.

Silver Chainmaille Earrings by Krysta Marie Designs

These are adorable!  I love smaller, subtle earrings, so these are an every day wear style for me.  It’s a real bonus that they are made out of silver, as I find cheaper metals will bother my ears and I usually have to take a break from earrings for a couple days when the skin gets irritated.  These are perfect and I can already tell they will go with everything in my closet.

Wood Sign by The Rustic Butterfly

So cute!  Simple is always better when it comes to decorating and I love how simple this item is.  Again, it feels really delicate and feminine.

Artisan Soap Bar 7oz by Treeo

This smells A-Mazing!  It was the first thing I noticed when I opened up the box, as the scent just filled the air the second I opened it.  So good, I could just eat it up.  I’m all about the hand-made soap right now.  A friend of mine started making her own soap and she gave me some for Christmas.  I just recently came to the end of it and wanted another bar so bad.  This one arrived just in time.

Organice Loose Leaf Tea by 3Teas

Loose leaf tea is always a good idea.  I really like the tin this comes in.  Most loose leaf teas come in bags that I end up tucking away in the cupboard, but this one is cute enough that I would display it next to my french press on the counter.  It’s also the perfect season for a lemon tea!  With spring in full force I’m really reaching for those lighter blends of teas.

Mini Bath Bomb by Holly Berry Body

I’m all about the bath bombs and bath salts lately.  I can’t imagine a bath without them now.  This one smells really good, but not too overpowering, which I like.  I also like that it’s a bit smaller, as some of those giant bath bombs are a little too intense.

Organic Lip Balm by Small Batch Soaps

Ah!  Love this tin.  I just finished a lip balm that came in a tin like this and it was perfect for the purse.  Being a slightly different size from other cosmetics in my bag it was always easy to find.  Vanilla Bean and Mint sounds so delicious too!

Wish Bracelet by Dream Willow Studio

Such a cute tiny item!  String bracelets are really in right now.  I haven’t yet got on the trend yet, as I find things on my wrists to be a little bothersome, but this is small enough that I think I can get away with it.  Plus it’s just so cute I don’t think I can bring myself to give it away.

Craftadian Artisan Box May 2017 – Final Thoughts

Ummm….. YES!   Just yes.  This is such a beautiful box.  I would subscribe to this in a heartbeat.  They are only a quarterly box, so if you aren’t wanting to commit to a monthly box, quarterly boxes are a great item.  I have a feeling a lot of people will read this review and feel sad they missed out on May’s box.  Who wouldn’t?  It’s not too late to sign up for their August box… I know I will be.  I love the variety of items: Something for the home, the kitchen, the bathroom and my outfit.  All items are really useful and beautiful!  It’s a perfect mix of practical and presents.  Perfectly my taste!





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