Crate The Life You Dream Review May 2019

Ever since I started seeing Crate The Life You Dream pop up on my social media I was very intrigued by this box. The outside is a gorgeous light blue, almost tiffany blue-like and it looked very promising.

It’s contents are described as “Powerful Life Lessons in a Monthly Box for Women that are Ready to Create the Life they Dream of.”…… and who wouldn’t want to get that to your door step! I jumped right at the chance of getting this box for review!

It finally arrived to my door. May’s Crate The Life You Dream box came right on May 1st!! I couldn’t wait and I had to get right into it!!

They currently offer two options, a mini mailer, that includes:

  • Best Seller Personal Development & Self-Help Book
  • Book’s Life Lessons Summary Card
  • 1 Inspirational Bookmark
  • 2 Book Quotes Postcards
  • and more…..

This option is $21.99 plus shipping.

The full box includes everything listed above plus 2-5 mystery gifts dedicated to your self-care and love and we will see examples on those in this wonderful May Box!

The packaging was stunning and on point with an aqua tissue paper and a diamond sticker, inside paper fillings in white, aqua and gold.

Right on top I found a welcome card with the products listed on the back with their retail values.

Gold Necklace ($18)

The first item I saw right on top was a gold necklace and it is gorgeous. It was a tube on the front and a little leaf on the back and it’s called Good Karma necklace as a reminder to always put out there what you’d want to receive. Described in the product card as: “Make a wish and put it on your necklace. The positive energy and love you give the world is what the world will give back to you. Wear your necklace as a reminder to keep the circle peaceful and loving”.

Mug ($14.99)

The second one of the mystery items was an inspirational mug with the phrase “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire”. Love it! Great reminder when having our morning coffee or tea, which was actually provided for!

We received 2 tea drops by Tea Drops that is loose tea in a”drop”, saving you the time to strain your tea! One flavor was sweet peppermint and the other one rose earl gray… can’t wait to try them!

As a bonus, we received a little pack with information about Lyme Disease in honor of the awareness month. The pack had a brochure, a Key Lime Pie flavored Lara Bar and a pen.

Bracelet ($8.99)

Next we received a second jewelry item, a bracelet cuff in gold with the words “Be brave. Be fierce.” and it retails for $8.99. I am already wearing it with my other two cuffs.

Candle ($12)

The scent of the month came in a candle by Yo Soy Candles and it was white tea ginger. Smelled super fresh and clean. It’s called “I am worthy”.

Stickers ($4.99)

Next up and dear to my planner girl heart was a pack of sticker flakes with inspirational and motivational phrases. They came in glossy paper, perfect to stick to your planner, journal, even fridge, calendar, wherever you need a word of encouragement! We received 23 stickers and they retail for $4.99.

3 free workshops offered by coach Tavia Morse-Salvadena, they retail for $99 each and you get access to them for free when you sign up for a box.

We also received motivational quote cards with phrases from the book featured this month and an inspirational bookmark with a tassel and double-sided.

Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

And now onto the star of the month: Girl, stop apologizing by Rachel Hollis!

You might have heard about her and her book Girl, Go Wash Your Face. This is a love it or hate it author but those who love her swear by her and I am excited to dive into this book or hers! Girl, Stop Apologizing has 4.16 stars on Goodreads and it’s describe as a “shame free plan to embracing and achieving your goals”.

Crate The Life You Dream is an amazing box! Filled with practical, usable and inspirational items for you to get charged and start running the race to your dreams!








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