Deck of Scarlet Review March 2017

Deck of Scarlet is a new makeup line and an exclusive makeup subscription, inspired by the daring looks of your favorite YouTubers. Deck of Scarlet offers highly pigmented, super luxurious formulations to create the most covetable looks – conveniently packaged in a sleek palette. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Deck of Scarlet is a brand new bimonthly beauty subscription. This is their third box (Edition 01) with their first box having been mailed towards the end of last year. Their first palette (Edition 00) featured sparkly golds, unapologetic greens, and solid burgundys while their second palette (Edition 0) featured summery pinks, solid maroons and intense black.

The best thing about this subscription so far is the fact that they ship to US and Canada!! Anytime a new subscription of this caliber ships to Canada right off the bat is reason for celebration.

Subscription Details

Here are some specifics when it comes to your Deck of Scarlet subscription:

  • Palettes feature full-sized products that last 60 days or more.
  • Each palette comes with eight or nine makeup products, assortment will change with every palette.
  • You get complete looks, highly pigmented makeup plus YouTuber tutorials.
Edition 01 Details

The Artist-In-Cheif for this month’s palette is Evon Wahab:

Talented YouTube and Instagram celeb Evon Wahab creates seductive looks that say “who, me?” while you marvel at her pouty lips and perfect cat eye. She looks likes a supermodel, but won our hearts with her charming personality. In this palette, she will show you how to create mesmerizing looks with sunny brights, power browns, and charred-greens.

The following items were included in this month’s palette:

  • cream lip color in – Coral Kisses & Almond
  • eyeshadow in – Fudge, Sunshine & Mermaid
  • highlighter in – Halo
  • cheekcolor in – Sandstorm
  • eyeliner in – Chameleon
  • lip liner in – Cake Pop

At first glance this month’s palette looks a little intimidating, but don’t judge it right away. I did a little snooping on their website and found the photo below. They conveniently show us how to use this palette to create the following, not so intimidating, looks:

I can definitely see how you could create a toned down version of these looks by playing around with the colours. Now that I see how pretty they are once applied, I’m actually kind of excited about the shades we received. Yes, the Artistic look is intimidating, but the lips are doable. The Date Night look could easily be a Daytime Look by toning down the eyes, and the casual look is definitely something I would do, with just a little less liner and lip color.

Deck of Scarlet Review March 2017

I am beyond thrilled with this new beauty subscription box. I absolutely hate shopping for makeup, which means my collection is lacking. This is the perfect way for me to experiment without having to spend hours in the makeup aisle. The fact that it is a palette also appeals to me…..very much! I am all about convenience when it comes to beauty products and having them all in one cute little palette is extremely convenient. This month’s Deck of Scarlet palette is a little out of my comfort zone, but that’s what makes the subscription so much fun. I would love to see a neutral palette in the future, as well as one with purple shades, but the bold hues are fun as well. I’m already a huge fan of this subscription.


Deck of Scarlet

Deck of Scarlet is a makeup subscription. For $29.95 every other month you get high pigmented, luxury makeup inspired by YouTubers.

Ships to:
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4 comments on “Deck of Scarlet Review March 2017

  1. Theresa says:

    I have been a subscriber since December love love your palettes just one thing I do wishe it had removable lip color. When I use the palette I tend not to use the lip color because I do not want to carry the palette with me. Is it possible to think about it to be removable?? Thank you for your time..

    1. That’s great feedback, I can certainly pass it on to the company:)

  2. Melody Moffett says:

    I would like to cancel this subscription as of today

    1. Hi Melody, you will need to contact the company directly, we are just a review site.

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