Devotions Delivered Review August 2017

Devotions Delivered is a monthly subscription to Christian prints & postcards from around the world. Every month you will receive 4 photography prints (5×7) with 4 different bibles verses based around a collection of your choosing. They kindly sent us this box for review.

This is our first time reviewing Devotions Delivered.  It is so nice to see more faith boxes on the market!  It looks like Devotions Delivered has been running for a little while now.  Their website is very user friendly and beautifully designed!  The review of a subscription box doesn’t just start with what you receive in the mail, it can start from the website!  I’m feeling a little impressed with the presentation of Devotions Delivered already!

August 2017

This month we are extremely excited to introduce our guest photographer Marielle Marie.  After seeing her amazing images of Minnesota, we have definitely put this location on our bucket list!  Enjoy!

What you get: Inside is 4 unique photography prints (5 inches x 7 inches) professionally designed and printed with 4 different bibles verses based around the collection of your choosing. On the back of every print is a space to message, address, and send it as a postcard. You don’t even need to look for a US postage stamp, we put them on for you. You will also receive a note from the photographer about the location and what inspired them.

Guest Photographer:  Marielle Marie

I’m Marielle, a small-town Minnesota writer, photographer, stay-at-home mama, and sugar-coffee junkie.  I have small children, big dreams, and (thankfully) a God whose grace is abundant.  Despite my degree in fashion, the only things I’m accessorizing with these days are spit-up stains and the occasional cheerio stuck to my butt.  I usually spend nap time on my blog, writing about motherhood & marriage, editing photos, and desperately attempting to communicate with other humans who speak actual words. 

Summer Ending

Here in Minnesota, we end each summer with the State Fair.  I look forward to it all year, the smells, the people, the food and the epic reminder of the endless reasons to love the midwest.

Our Lake

The lake is simultaneously one of the most peaceful, beautiful, and powerful paces to be.

God’s Canvas

I love the untouched beauty of God’s creation up north at the cabin – the trees, the skies, the lakes, the endless artwork of a magnificent painter.

Simple Beauty

I love the simple beauties, the undeniable handiwork of an almighty God.

Devotions Delivered August 2017 – Final Thoughts

What a simple and beautiful box!  I do hobby photography outside of the blog, so I can really appreciate the photo centre of this box.  Each postcard is already fitted with a stamp and ready for posting!  These stamps are specific to the US, so they will not work in Canada unfortunately.  I loved all the verses included on the cards and appreciated that they didn’t overwhelm the images themselves.  I already feel a little more peaceful looking through these cards and reading the verses!  I’m a huge fan of letters and post, so this box is a real hit with me!  I do find faith boxes can get a little bit cheesy, but Devotions Delivered is just an honest and beautiful representation of faith and creation!  Loved.





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