Dispatch by Breakout Review March 2018

Dispatch is a monthly subscription-based mystery that tests your detective skills each month with a new delivery of clues. Imagine a new kind of escape, one you can experience in the comfort of your own home – introducing Dispatch by Breakout. It’s a step apart from everyday entertainment—better than a book, more engaging than television—think of it as an immersive mystery where you wear the detective hat. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

The story begins with the first delivery, or dispatch, if you will. In it, you’ll find physical clues that lead you to the web and back to the real world to unravel a mysterious crime. Grab a friend, the whole family and your thinking cap, and get ready to put your heads together for one mindbending ride as additional details are revealed with every package.


  • Subscribe to Dispatch and we will put the first package in the mail immediately. After that you will receive a new box each month.


  • Open the box to find physical clues that lead you to the web and back to the real world to unravel a mysterious crime.


  • Unravel the tangled web of clues found in each package, as additional details are revealed with every package.

Good to Know:

  1. After subscribing to Dispatch, you will receive your first package in the mail. These physical items serve as an introduction to the story and draw you into this online/offline mystery. After that, you will receive an additional box each month with more items that further explain the story.
  2. Each story lasts for less than a year before a new story begins. You can cancel at any time.
  3. The first box will guide you to a ‘help’ line if you get stuck at any point.
March Details: From Africa to Greece

The story moves to Greece as the pieces start to come together. Once again, this box has been sent from your missing friend James as he travels the globe searching for clues to prove his innocence. You’ll need to use everything inside as well as items from previous boxes to solve this mystery. And remember, the team at Bailey Detectives is here to help if you get stuck along the way.

Jigsaw Puzzle

This is kind of fun, I like clues that require a bit of work. There will obviously me some kind of message or hint once the puzzle is put together.

Greek Scroll

I also like clues that require you to crack a code. I feel like we have received a few clues with letter and number codes and this looks like another one.

Letter From PI

Here we have a letter from the Private Investigator. He talks about a safety deposit box and the fact that he is scared of the in-laws, which is really interesting.

Kenyan Puzzle

Another puzzle to figure out. I love solving problems so this will be a fun one for me.

Fingerprint Slide

If I remember correctly we have received fingerprint clues in other boxes. I wonder if they all go together?

Classified Ads

Here we have a few classified ads all for the same thing….a boat. But they were all posted in different years, we have one from 1995, 2006, 2007, 2016 and 2017.

Newspaper Article & Tabloid Article

The fact that they get so detailed and create such lifelike clues just blows my mind.


Problem solving is something that gets me really excited and a good riddle definitely falls under the problem solving category.

Autopsy Report

This looks like someone tried to burn it……hmmmm…. interesting.

Police Report

Oh….this is interesting. Here we have two police reports. One is from 2004 and reports an intoxicated Andrew and a scared Amelia. The second one is from 2006 and is another report against Andrew.

Dispatch by Breakout Review March 2018 – Final Thoughts

Dispatch by Breakout is a really great subscription for anyone who enjoys an experience over material items. It’s a great way to get your mind working and provides great entertainment for yourself, your friends, your family, or whoever you decide to share the experience with. It would make a great date night box as well. Make some appies, open a bottle of wine, and spend some time trying to solve the mystery. I also really like that each box builds upon the last. Oh……and if you get stuck, help isn’t far away.



Dispatch is a monthly subscription-based mystery that tests your detective skills each month with a new delivery of clues.

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