Divine You Crafts Review July 2017

Divine You Crafts is part craft lesson, part soul work, part fun! They Inspire creative spiritual seekers to make meaningful and beautiful keepsakes while gaining insights and inspirations. Each month’s box will feature a seasonal craft centred around an inspirational word and including a ritual or other experience. They also give you a special crystal or stone, as well as one of our exclusive collectible Divine You cards so you can build a deck.

This is our first time receiving Divine You Crafts and I’m pretty excited about it!  I’ve always been a crafter and often have to talk myself out of going to the craft store if I want to make sure I have enough money for groceries.  Divine You Crafts is a perfect way to scratch that craft itch without breaking the bank!  Let’s see what the July box is all about!

Divine You Conscious Crafting Baubles and Bubbles Kit

This month’s kit allows you to PLAY with different fun media like tissue paper and glitter to make unique and beautiful creations with glass gems.  You can create a pendant, several kitchen or bulletin board magnets, a pin to wear, and glass affirmation stones using several different techniques.  You can even use the tissue paper technique to create art for your home if you like.  It’s summer and we hope you are taking some time to live, laugh and PLAY with your friends and loved ones.  We have included bubbles in this kit to encourage you to let your hair down, go outside, and have a little childlike fun.

Divine You Crafts July 2017 – Final Thoughts

So fun!  It can be easy to run out of ideas when crafting.  With a box like this there is no end to the creativity and fun!  I can’t wait to start digging in.  It really doesn’t feel like this box is age specific, which I’m loving.  This means you could enjoy this box on your own, with your kids, with friends or with a group of people!  I get all excited and shaky when I think about crafting up a storm!  I can’t wait to dig into this box and see what comes out of it!





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