Doctor Who Block Review May 2017

Doctor Who Block is a brand new bi-monthly subscription box from Nerd Block! They have partnered with BBC to bring you this awesome new block! Straight from Gallifrey, they are packing the mini-TARDIS full of wibbly wobbly merch, exclusive wearables, and collectible items just for you. Experience the time-bending magic of getting officially licensed and exclusive items from your favorite Time Lords. They kindly sent us this box for review.

This is our first time reviewing one of the amazing subscriptions from Nerd Block and I’m ridiculously excited about it!  Let’s just start off with how amazing this box is?!  This is the first time I have seen the theme of what’s inside carry out to the outside and I’m totally in love with it.  Super high standards for all other boxes now.  This really makes for a unique unboxing experience.  Super fun.  Off to a great start.

I actually don’t know a lot about Doctor Who, but I almost don’t feel like it matters, because look how amazing this box is?!  Also, reading up that Nerd Block themes boxes around Star Wars, Marvel, My Little Pony and Angry Birds I’m already of the opinion to sign me up!  No shortage of quality items here and if it was themed in something I was obsessed with I’d pretty much be peeing my pants right now.

All Doctors Travel Pass Holder

Taking a trip through space and time any time soon?  Remember to bring this exclusive Doctor Who travel pass holder!  This item, which is uniquely designed to celebrate every Doctor, is perfect for carrying your I.D. or any type of card.

Love this!  I recently bought an item just like this when I was in the UK to hold my Oyster Card, or transit card.  I found it so handy that I started using it at home for all those pesky grocery points cards.  You really can’t go wrong with an item like this in your bag.

Titan 6.5″ Tenth Doctor Figure

Allons-Y!  Materializing into your life is this exclusive titan 6.5″ tenth doctor figure.  It sits perfectly on any shelf or desk, and is a great way to show off your Doctor Who pride.  Unlike the actual character, you don’t have to worry about this figure regenerating.

Amazing!  This is the kind of item nerds get really excited about.  It’s exclusive, it’s fairly large, excellent quality and paint job.  The box is also a keep sake in and of itself.  Most Nerds would never dream of touching it or taking it out of the box for fear of losing value.

Doctor Who Tardis Mug

Let’s all raise a fresh cup of tea to another series of Doctor Who!  This Doctor Who Tardis Mug is the perfect companion as you kick back relax and enjoy the show that expanded our imagination and exposed the wonder in all of us.

Love a good mug!  Mugs are definitely the way nerds express themselves in the office.  Am I right?!  Now you can brag about how much espresso you’ve pounded back while holding this kick-ass mug!

Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver Flashlight

Inherited by the Twelfth Doctor, this sonic screwdriver may not actually be able to control your tardis, but it does have real-life applications.  Watch fellow Whovians’ eyes light up as you show them this stylized flashlight.  Just like in the show, the tip glows green.

Ok, I feel a little more lost on this item, as this seems really show specific.  But I’m still kinda in love with it.

Rusty K-9 3D Model Kit

You won’t want to wait for the next rainy day to build this limited edition Rusty K-9 Mark Metal Earth Build-able!  Break into this awesome craft as soon as possible to create every Whovian’s favourite robotic canine.  We recommend gloves and needle nose pliers to help you finish this project.

Umm… COOL!  Love building things.  And they are right, I will not be able to wait until the next rainy day.

I’m A Dreamer T-Shirt

Don’t just be a Whovian, be a Whovian with style!  Featuring a quote from the Eleventh Doctor, this exclusive Doctor Who T-shirt can’t be found anywhere else.  You’ll be the envy of all your companions!  Fezzes are cool, and so is this T-shirt!

Love the exclusive shirt!  This is the perfect finish to this box.

Doctor Who Block Review May 2017 – Final Thoughts

So in love with this box!  Now I want to review all the Nerd Block boxes for all the ages!  I can’t get enough.  Like I opened up with, the box itself really set off this subscription and told me what I could expect inside.  I wasn’t disappointed with any of the items and was feeling the love for Doctor Who throughout the whole thing, even as someone who doesn’t know much about the show!  I really think I might have to start binge watching it now.  Just wait, I’ll be on the couch in my exclusive shirt, drinking coffee to stay awake for just one more episode from my awesome mug, building a Rusty K-9 3D model by the light of my sonic screwdriver flashlight, talking to my 6.5″ Doctor Who figure for company… I wouldn’t put it past me… I’m a pretty big nerd.





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    This review is your best yet. Hilarious. I LOL’d through all of it, especially that last paragraph!!!!

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