Dog Bundles Review December 2018

Dog Bundles is a customizable dog subscription box, located in western Canada. Each box is highly customized, offering sections to share your pet’s preferences, allergies, and other characteristics. It ships across Canada and the United States, and boxes are shipped monthly or every other month, depending on the customer’s preference. The goodies were also nicely wrapped in tissue paper, with items boxed separately if they were fragile, and featured a card on top.

Here’s a closer look at the items I received in the December Dog Bundles box…..

Coconut Apple Pie Macaroons

This month’s treat selection was Coconut Apple Pie Macaroons, made by Coco Therapy. Roxy loves this flavour of treats, and I am impressed with the size of the treat pieces.

Peanut Buddy

The other snack included was a plastic jar of Peanut Buddy, made by Hero Dog Treats. I have not heard of this before, but I am excited to offer it to Roxy as a change from her normal treats. It is also a recommended option for puppy training. The plastic bag covering this item was helpful in keeping any extra oils from reaching the other goodies in the box too.

CocoCharm Training Treats

Included as well were a sample of CocoTherapy’s ‘CocoCharm’s Training Treats’ in Blueberry Cobbler flavour. I love that the extra sample was included, and there was a pamphlet explaining the brand and other information regarding the health benefits of Coconut Oil.

Personalized Ornament

Dog Bundles was very thoughtful in including an ornament with my dog’s name on it. I really appreciate that they personalized items in the box, it made it feel more genuine than any other subscription box. There was also a cute blue bandana included, and Roxy looks so cute in it! I have not received a bandana in a box before, it is a great item to add.

Santa Hedgehog

The fluffy toy included as an adorable Santa Hedgehog, by Outward Hound. It squeaks, which Roxy loves, and it is soft to touch. The festive hat on top is perfect for the upcoming holidays.

Kong Toy

There was also a large Kong toy included in the box, which Roxy also enjoys playing with. It is a good option for strong chewers, which Roxy is, because it is very durable.

Poop Bags

The last items included were two rolls of poop bags, a necessity for any dog owner! These will come in very handy.

Dog Bundles Review December 2018 – Final Thoughts

Overall, I am extremely impressed by my first Dog Bundles box. There were more goodies than I expected, and the customized ornament was beautiful. I think Roxy’s favourite item was the Coconut Apple Pie treats. I am excited to try the Peanut Buddy as well. With free shipping on monthly bundles and a wide range of customizing options, I highly recommend this Canadian dog subscription box.

Katelin –




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