Dog’s Best Trend Review April 2017

Dog’s Best Trend offers an exclusive line of stylish, unique, and fun scarves for dogs.  Your subscription helps dogs find their forever home. A portion of every subscription is donated to dog rescue groups across the country.  This month’s scarf supports iWag. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Borbala Biro

As a fashion designer Biro focuses on textile designs and fabrics.  When creating pattern designs she loves painting with water colour and playing boldly with colours.  But with digital designs her favourite inspirations are optical illusions and geometric shapes.  After graduating from fashion college, she loves the freedom of freelancing as a textile print designer.  

I am loving this scarf!  I just might steal it and tie it around my wrist to add some colour to a couple of summer outfits!  The colour combination is so Easter and spring!  I can feel the artist in me welling up as I look at it.  It’s just so creative and it looks amazing against Bentley’s colouring.

Snezana Grncaroska

Snezana has been an artist her entire life.  After graduating with her degree in fine art, she began working as a freelance artist.  She loves to create colourful, fresh and energetic designs with a focus on detail and style.  She enjoys spending time in nature and walking with her two dogs, maltese Molly and toy poodle Marfy.

This one is so pretty!  It reminds me of Monte’s Garden.  I love the water colours this month and I especially love how this one looks like a water garden.

Dog’s Best Trend April 2017 – Final Thoughts

This box is so cute and tidy!  It’s nice and small, so not too overwhelming if you’re just getting into the world of boxes.  If you have a fur-baby and love keeping them up to date and trendy, this box is ideal for you!  I don’t always put a scarf on Bentley, but if we are going to someones house I will often put a scarf on him, as it’s just nice manners to dress up for a dinner out!  I especially love the two scarves provided in this box!  The colours are amazing and they are both so beautiful I just might be stealing them for my own fashion statement!

-Shonah & Bentley




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