Dot Boxx Review May 2017

Dot Boxx is a monthly pad and tampon service. Customized boxes for tweens, teens, and adults that include chocolates and hand picked surprises such as trendy accessories, books, bath, skincare, and beauty products. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Ahhhhhh…..I am SO freakin’ excited right now. I already peeked inside this box (sorry, couldn’t help myself) and it is AH-MAZING! Time of the Month boxes are the best invention ever!! I’ve said this before, but every lady needs a subscription to a time of the month box. They really are amazing. And if they are done right, they are even better than amazing. This will be my first time reviewing Dot Boxx, and after sneaking a peek I can already tell this is going to be a new favourite.

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Dot Boxx subscription you have a few options to choose from:

  • Period Essentials Box ($18.99) – Just the Essentials is our basic period box. Enjoy the convenience of having your period essentials, full-size chocolate, a healthy snack, and tea delivered to your door monthly. You’ll find an occasional surprise in your box – just our way of saying thanks for being a loyal subscriber!
  • Teen Box ($32.99) – Add a little joy to her period – reward her for an accomplishment – or do it just because!  Period essentials, snacks and hand-picked products delivered monthly. We guarantee she’ll love it, and love you even more!
  • Mini Dot Boxx ($29.99) – You have to purchase period essentials anyway, so why not add monthly goodies and chocolates to the mix? This budget-friendly box is perfect for those who want to treat themselves to a little something, but not break the bank. Come on, you work hard and there’s more to life than just paying bills- so reward yourself – you deserve it girl!
  • Dot Boxx ($39.99) – Add joy to your period with a “monthly gift” of happiness. Treat yourself…not only do you deserve it, you’re worth it honey! The value of the box will always exceed the cost of the box― guaranteed!
  • College Care Package ($49.99) – Ensure you’re taken care of all semester, no money transfers or transportation required. Our college care package comes filled with monthly period essentials, hand-picked products, and loaded with snacks to fuel those late night study sessions.
    Have a box delivered right to your dorm or apartment door!

Shipping: All boxes ship for $5 (US only) except the College Care Package which ships for $10. Shipping to Canada varies from $15-25.

I want ALL the boxes!!

Today we are reviewing the Dot Boxx. Here’s a closer look at all the goodies we received:

May Dot Boxx Theme – Treat Your Feet

It’s getting warm outside, so you know what that means – time to expose those toes. Use this month’s surprise to treat yourself to up to four spa quality pedicures at home, or one fabulous spa party with your daughters, mom, sisters, or besets friends.

Collapsible Pedicure Tub w/Storage Bag

This collapsible basin is perfect for home pedicures and can be used in any room! Just add one of the Fizzy Feet foot bombs and you are good to go. 

How fun is this!!! I love soaking my feet, and until now I would sit on the counter (awkwardly) and put my feet in the sink. This will be so much more relaxing. I will use it in the living room, sit in my favourite chair, and watch Southern Charm while my feet soak. I’ll probably drink some wine……


Purasonic Electric Callus Remover

This easy-to-use roller gently buffs away unsightly calluses built up on the heels and soles of your feet, revealing softer, smoother skin. The device’s waterproof design makes it safe to use in the shower. 

I love these things. I received one about a year ago in another subscription box and it works so well. I am more than happy to have a second one because it’s always a good idea to have a back-up.

Fizzy Feets 4-Pk Coconut Oil Foot Bombs (4 fragrances)

Fizzy Feet foot bombs are fragrant, moisturizing miniature bombs made to pamper your feet. They contain Epsom salts to relieve tired, sore feet and skin-nourishing coconut oil to soften and moisturize your feet. 

This is a genius little idea. Foot Bombs! I love these. They go perfectly with the pedicure tub. Would it be weird if I wrote my reviews while soaking my feet in the tub with one of the foot bombs?

We received four different scents – Georgia Peach, Honey & Vanilla, Lavender & Vanilla, Wishes & Dreams

Bare Foot Moisturizing Cream

With Skin-Absorbing Coconut & Shea Butter, For Deep Moisturization, Rejuvenates Rough Skin.

This smells like lime and coconut. It’s wonderful!

Simplicity Tea Vials & Diffuser

This is such a cute little tea diffuser, it comes with a drip tray in a matching color. You can prevent dripping by using the tray to rest the infuser. I love this!! And we received some tea to go with the diffuser from Simplicity Teas. I was doing a little research on the tea and found out that they have their own subscription – CLICK HERE.

Salon Perfect Nail Polish

Ummm…..this is the best color ever. I’ve mentioned in other reviews that I am going through a neutral polish phase right now, but this amazingly bright red/pink shade is speaking to my heart. I will DEFINITELY be using this color on my toes.

LA Colors Polish Remover Pads & Additional Pedicure Essentials.

Here we have nail clippers, nail file boards, foam toe separators, and nail polish remover. I am most excited about the polish remover. This is my favourite kind. They are thin little pads soaked in remover. This particular brand is acetone free and that is pretty awesome.


Ummm……how good do all these snacks look! We received Oreo Thins, Free2B Mint Cups & Sun Cups, White chocolate Macadamia Nut Cliff Bar, and GoodnessKnows snack squares.

Period Essentials

Is it weird that I am most excited about this little pack of period essentials? We received panty liners, Excedrin, Advil, a heating pad (love), and cleansing cloths. The perfect little essentials bundle to keep in your purse.

Pads & Tampons

In this month’s box I received 12 tampons and 12 pads. You are able to customize your box based on the following:

  • Pads Only: Unopened pack of 12-18 ct Always pads or 15 Kotex or Stayfree pads
  • Tampons Only: Unopened pack of 14-18-ct box of Tampax tampons or 18 Kotex or Playtex tampons
  • Half & Half: 12 Pads & 12 Tampons
Dot Boxx Review May 2017 – Final Thoughts

Wow, wow, wow! I have a new favourite Time of the Month Subscription Box and it is called Dot Boxx!! I am blown away by the number of items we received this month. I certainly wasn’t expecting the box to be so big, and for it to be packed to the brim. Even the lady at the post office commented on how big and heavy it was. I told her it was a period box and she didn’t believe me. I absolutely love the mixture of items we received this month. We got a little bit of everything – essentials, snacks, tea, bath & body products, and more!! I want this box every month…..I honestly do. I think I have a new obsession…….





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