DripJoy Review May 2017

DripJoy is a coffee subscription box perfect for any coffee lover. No more clogged coffee makers and overpriced K-Cups®. Only great coffee, delivered monthly, and brewed to perfection. They kindly sent us this box for review.

A couple weeks back we introduced you to DripJoy for the first time. We had a look at the sample pack which you can get for only $1. It’s a great way to give this subscription a little test drive without making a commitment. Today we are looking at the regular subscription based on 1 coffee drinker per household. Please note that you can choose up to 10 coffee drinkers per household and your subscription options will adjust accordingly.

Subscription Details

Here are the subscription options for 1 coffee drinker per household:

  • 24 cups per month – $14.99/mo. (billed every other month as $29.98)
    • Perfect for 1 light coffee drinker
    • Choose up to 2 unique roasts/flavors
    • 2 boxes ship every 2 months
  • 36 cups per month – $19.99/mo. (billed every other month as $39.96)
    • Perfect for 1 average coffee drinker
    • Choose up to 3 unique roasts/flavors
    • 3 boxes ship every 2 months
  • 48 cups per month – $24.98/mo. (billed every other month as $49.96)
    • Perfect for 1 to 2 coffee drinkers
    • Choose up to 4 unique roasts/flavors
    • 4 boxes ship every 2 months

Today we are reviewing the first subscription option – 2 boxes shipped every 2 months.

Dark Bean Daydream – Medium Roast Single Serve Coffee

Hints of chocolate and lemon – and a hint of the warm and fuzzies – can be found in every mug of Dark Bean Daydream. It’s so flavorful and refreshing, you’ll be dreaming of your next cup before you finish your first.

Columbian Cheer – Medium Roast Single Serve Coffee

Notes of cocoa and guava swirl to together in every mug of Colombian Cheer to provide you with a semi-sweet and fruity experience that’s guaranteed to put a skip in your step and a smile on your face.

DripJoy Review May 2017 – Final Thoughts

So here’s what I love about DripJoy…….the endless options!! They have a subscription option for every household, whether your house has one coffee drinker or ten, they’ve got you covered. I also like that each option has sub-options. Maybe you only have two coffee drinkers in your house but you both drink a lot of coffee….they have an option for that. I also like that they have 7 different roasts to choose from, including two different flavour options – vanilla and hazelnut. DripJoy is a great subscription for all my fellow coffee addicts out there. It’s also perfect for those of us who hate last-minute grocery stores runs when the coffee cupboard is empty. Thank you DripJoy for making things easy for us.





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