EcoCups Review March 2017

EcoCups is a subscription based delivery service that provides members with a selection of environmentally responsible, single serve coffee pods. They want everyone to continue enjoying the ease and convenience that hundreds of thousands of people have come to love from single serve coffee machines, but to make the simple & responsible choice to use coffee pods that won’t end up in landfills. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Coffee pods in the mail!! Yes please! This is my kind of subscription. I absolutely love convenience boxes. Boxes that provide everyday essentials, and allow for one less trip to the grocery store. These are the kind of boxes I get super excited about.

This will be our first time reviewing EcoCups and from what I understand, this is their first box as well. Yup, EcoCups is brand stinkin’ new! That in itself is exciting, not to mention the fact that they are a Canadian company. EcoCups and I are going to become the best of friends……I can feel it!

Subscription Details

EcoCups has a couple different subscription options. You can choose the Sampler Box or the One Daily Box. The Sampler Box is $9.99 per month and includes 15 assorted compostable coffee pods each month. The One Daily Box is $17.99 per month and includes 30 assorted compostable coffee pods each month.

Good To Know

EcoCups pods are 100% compostable. The lid is made of paper and other compostable materials. The ring uses a blend of bioresins from renewable sources and more than 20% is coffee chaff. The mesh uses a new bio-based substance that composts.

This month we are reviewing the sampler box, here’s a closer look:

Melitta European Deluxe Roast

Melitta European Deluxe Roast is the Traditional Blend roasted a little darker resulting in a medium dark roast with bold European taste. 

Imperial Blend Coffee

Imperial Blend Coffee is a medium roast, full-bodied coffee. Distinct flavor, smooth and delicious. 

Deep Water Dark Roast

Deep Water Dark has a rich body and very distinctive spicy bouquet. With a pleasingly fragrant aroma and a unique, smooth flavor it’s a truly exceptional Fair Trade Organic coffee. A dark coffee lover’s dream.

EcoCups Review March 2017 – Final Thoughts

I am 100% in LOVE with this new subscription. It covers all my must-haves for a convenience subscription – great price, quality items, good packaging, and good for the environment (that’s an added bonus). Normally I don’t focus on box value but in this case I want to do a little breakdown. Let’s look at the One Daily Box option. You get 30 pods for $17.99 plus $9.99 shipping to Canada. That makes each pod approx. $0.93. I think this is reasonable for what you get. The pods are 100% compostable so even though I could get my pods a little cheaper at Costco, I am more than willing to spend a little more to have “good for the environment” pods delivered to my door each month. I am a HUGE fan!





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