ElleBox Review May 2017

ElleBox is a premium Time of the Month Subscription Box which bundles your choice of tampons and pads with hand curated comfort and wellness goods to make that time of the month a little more pleasant – LOVE IT!! They kindly sent us this box to review.

If you aren’t familiar with ElleBox, I talk about the different subscription options in this post – HERE

It’s easily one of my favourite subscription boxes to review. I love everything about this box. I love the curation, I love the fact that it’s for your time of the month, I love the mixture of items, and I love that they are consistent. I know what to expect with this box. They include the same items every month, with the exception of the beauty products, those change each month. It’s predictable with a small element of surprise……the best of both worlds!

Here’s a look at the items I received in the May box:

The Essentials – Regular Tampons, Pads & Panty Liners

Each box is customizable with up to 20 pads and tampons. Their products are made from certified organic cotton, it’s better for your health and the environment. This is one of the features that sets ElleBox apart from other Time of the Month Subscription Boxes.

Pink House Natural Solutions Fresh Louelza Face Wash

Our Fresh Louelza natural milk cleanser leaves your face feeling squeaky clean without being dry. This face wash can be used right in the shower and washes off beautifully with water. It has a natural AHA like quality when left on for a minute or two which helps give a nice deep clean every morning or night. Cleanses and removes eye, lip, face make up without ridding your face of the moisture it needs.

I am so excited to see a new beauty brand in the box this month. I’ve never heard of Pink House before and am so happy to have the chance to test out a couple of their products. We received two this month. The next item is also from Pink House.

Pink House Lemongrass Lime Pit Potion

Our Pit Potion has none of the nasty chemicals that are in most of the deodorants out there these days (no aluminum, artificial coloring, preservatives, fragrances,).

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Pink Himalayan Salt, Organic Bee’s Wax, Organic Cilantro Water, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Arrowroot Powder, Tapioca Powder, Organic Lime, Organic lemongrass, Frankincense Oil, Copaiba Balsam Oil, Bergamot Oil.

YAY!!! This is so darn exciting. I was just complaining about the fact that subscription boxes don’t include this sort of item often enough and here it is!! I love to receive natural deodorant in my subscription boxes because I am always on the hunt for a good one. This one receives really great reviews on their site and smells amazing.

Tea by Tea Sparrow

This month we received a new flavour – Walnut Green Tea. Usually I prefer caffeine free varieties so I can enjoy a cup before bed, but I have really been in to the green tea lately so I’m actually quite excited about this particular blend. It includes: great tea, sencha, brittle, coconut rasps, pineapple, walnut and almond pieces. Oh my goodness!!! How amazing does this sound!!

Hagensborg Chocolate

Easily the best chocolate I have ever tasted. If you haven’t tried this yet…..what’s wrong with you! This month we received Dark Hazelnut but they also have the following flavours: milk, milk hazelnut, dark, peanut butter, peppermint, and caramel. I want all the flavours!!

Note: I keep these bars in the freezer for special occasions…..they need to be saved because they are THAT good!

ElleBox Review May 2017 – Final Thoughts

Well……wasn’t that just the best box ever!! I can’t believe how happy this little box makes me. It’s a simple concept, but a genius concept at the same time. Now that I have experienced Time of the Month subscription boxes I don’t know how I will ever go back to purchasing tampons the regular way. Actually, come to think of it, I had to do it the month before last, and let me tell you……it sucked. I’ve always hated going to the store to buy period necessities, but now that I have been spoiled with subscriptions like ElleBox, its ten times worse. I don’t want to go to the store when I am PMS’ing. I want my tampons to magically appear in a cute little box surrounded by chocolate and tea and beauty products. I don’t know about you but if I am going to have to deal with cramps and mood swings then I am damn well going to treat myself to a T.O.M. box……and for all then men out there reading this review……..get this box for your wife or girlfriend ASAP. You will win the boyfriend/husband of the year award……trust me on this one. And we all know how the world really works…..happy wife, happy life…..PERIOD

Question: Have you tried ElleBox? Leave your own review – HERE





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