EsianMall Snack Box Review March 2017

EsianMall Snack Box is a monthly subscription box service that offers gamers, geeks, anime fans, and cosplayers the best Asian snack and beauty products.  You can choose from a mini box (5-6 snacks), medium box (8-10 snacks) or the deluxe box (12-14 snacks).  Today we will be reviewing the deluxe box! They kindly sent us this box for review.

EsianMall does a great job of packing their boxes!  They are full to bursting and don’t disappoint in the amount of items provided.  Unlike other boxes they don’t pad out the empty space with filler.  When you get your box you know all that space inside is filled with goodies!

Gilco Pretz Olive Cheese & Olive Basil

Enjoy the complex savoury flavours of cheese and olives in Glico’s cheese flavoured Olive Pretz.  Made using 5% olive oil, these pretzel sticks are similar in look and taste to baguettes, with the cheese seasoning helping to bring our their unique olive flavour. The mild flavour of the olive oil is beautifully emphasized with the contrastingly aromic flavour of dried basil leaves.  Enjoy as they come or with your favourite dips.  

Haitai Spicy Rice Cake Sticks

HAITAI Spicy Rice Cake Sticks is dedicated for rice cake lovers.  Each stick is coated with sweet and spicy tasting just like real Korean rice cake but in a crunch way!!

Sapporo Ichiban Tonkotsu Ramen Japanese Style

Flavourful blend of noodles and tonkotsu sauce.

Bourbon Kikorl No Kirikabu

They may look like cute, little tree stumps, but they taste nothing like it!  The yummy, little tree stump biscuits are covered in a chocolate tree bark.  Enjoy the milky, malty taste in each bite

Star Wars Coaster, Sticker and Gloves

These are our bonus ‘geek’ items.  I was pretty excited to see a Star Wars theme!  Star Wars seems to be making yet another come back, but I love that the items here are themed more around the old school characters and logos.

Kasugai Ramune Gummy

Kasugai gummies that capture the classic taste of Ramune soda.  Ramune is the Japanese pronunciation for “lemonade”, and this gummy recreates the fizzy, light citrus taste of the soda known for its unique bottle with the marble inside.

Bourbon Rufeel Biscuit

Grilled torte-like biscuits with the strawberry jam in.  You can enjoy a sweet and sour taste of the biscuit and jam.

Bourbon Cheese Okaki

It combines the downhome Japanese goodness of an old-fashioned, shoyu-sweetened rice cracker and the undying Western love of sandwich crackers and cheese.  Like the best snacks, it is a study in contradictions: Salty yet sweet, crunchy on the outside and melty on the inside.

Sanko Parinko

Soft and mild textured salty crackers.  It would melt in your mouth

Amanoya Kabuki Age Family

Crunchy rice snack, lightly flavoured with Japanese Soy Sauce

EsianMall Snack Box March 2017 – Final Thoughts

A lot of these snack boxes are an education for me.  I am willing to try the items inside, because I’m just so darn curious, but don’t really know much about any of these items prior to receiving the box.  Thankfully they have a card inside with a QC code that you can scan.  This code takes you to a link that explains every item.  It also gives you the option to purchase more of your favourite items.  I do love a good rice cracker and there were a number of them provided in this box!  The salty and savoury snacks are way more up my ally, so this box was a hit!  I also thought the coaster and sticker with the stormtrooper on them were hilarious!  This is a really impressive snack box.  If you’re looking for a good Asian snack box that packs a punch and has great variety month to month, EsianMall is a great option.





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