EsianMall Snack Box Review May 2017

EsianMall Snack Box is a monthly subscription box service that offers gamers, geeks, anime fans, and cosplayers the best Asian snack and beauty products.  You can choose from a mini box (5-6 snacks), medium box (8-10 snacks) or the deluxe box (12-14 snacks).  Today we will be reviewing the deluxe box! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Esianmall provides a product card in their box with a QR scan code.  This scan code leads you to a site that provides you all the details of the items you have received.  Unfortunately, the QR code has been disabled…. Hummm…. This means I actually don’t have a whole lot of details on the items provided in this box.  Let’s take a look anyhow 🙂

Deadpool Socks and Sticker

Corn Star Snacks

Corn Puffs

Cheese Ramen

DIY Candy

Green Tea KitKats

Coco Cakes

Fits Grape Mix


Green Tea Gummies


EsianMall Snack Box May 2017 – Final Thoughts

Feeling a little let down that the QR code didn’t work.  Did anyone else have this issue?  There are a couple boxes on the market that use QR codes for their product information and I have to say I’m not a huge fan of this.  I like a detailed product card in the box, as it keeps you in the unboxing experience, instead of having to utilize your phone and a website to really get into what you got.  Can anyone else relate with that?  I enjoy Esianmall Snack Box, as they do a good job of providing a decent amount of treats.  I also really like their inclusion of a non-snack item.  I don’t find I get very excited around the quality of items, but I do like being able to say I didn’t eat the entire contents of my box!





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