ESTBLSH Review April 2017

Every month ESTBLSH will deliver carefully-curated men’s fashion products to each of their subscribers. Each box is handpicked and will include ties, socks, pocket squares. The ESTBLSH box is curated for modern day gentlemen. They kindly sent us this box for review.

This is our first time reviewing ESTBLSH and we are pretty excited about it!  There aren’t as many men’s boxes out there, so when we get a new one in our hands it can be pretty exciting.  What makes this even more exciting is it’s a Canadian subscription out of Toronto!  We obviously love our Canadian boxes and will always have a soft spot in our hearts for them!  This month we are reviewing the “Dapper Box Collection”.  This is a one time purchase product.  On their site you can select from a variety of boxes or purchase single items.

The Dapper Box Collection

Your definition of dapper, is our gift to you. Bringing together a combination of bold and refined pieces that include a cotton tie and pocket square, paired with a navy polka dot sock selection from Hot Socks. The charcoal grey tie with refined diagonal stripe is your go to tie for every occasion. Complimented with our “Refresh” pocket square to liven up your look and the party.

I don’t know why, but the size and shape of a box can say a lot to me.  I really love the box these items come in.  It’s small, clean, classy and speaks of high fashion and really good over the counter service! It feels super classy to me.

Each Dapper Box Collection will feature a pocket square, tie and pair of socks.  I’m in love with this square!  It has an old school flare to it with trendy colours and subtle pattern.  This is such a great colour pallet for spring!

The fabric of the square is really nice.  Stiff, but soft.  I picked it up from the middle and shook it once.  It folded perfectly and even stood on it’s own for the photo!  This square is dapper ready.

Ever since I started reviewing men’s boxes I’ve had a hard time finding guys who still wear ties on the regular.  It doesn’t seem like a required piece anymore, but I have to say, men who go the extra step and snap that tie in place will always get that second look!  This tie is so simple and classy that it could really be worn with almost any outfit or occasion.  Whether you’re a barista, business man, dad, sales man, or trying to impress a girl on your first coffee date, this tie is going to stand up to the task.

Love the attention to detail!  When I first looked at the items in the box I wondered how they could be worn together, as they all seemed quite different and stand alone items.  However, the back of this tie has a tiny detail that matches the square perfectly!

Every dapper man needs a dapper pair of socks in those Italian loafers!  These socks are right up my ally.  I can never get enough polka dots and the colour pallet is perfect!  These socks are just spunky enough to draw the attention, but not so spunky that you would feel uncomfortable wearing them to a business meeting.

ESTBLSH April 2017 – Final Thoughts

This box is super dapper!  Now, where can I find a dapper man to dress up?  The class and detail of this box starts at the website and continues right through their photos, box design, and products.  Any gentleman would be pleased with these items.  On the About Us section ESTBLSH says, “We think of ‘gentleman’ as an impossible ideal. Something to strive for, work towards and aspire to. It’s the sum of all knowledge and know-how accumulated over a lifetime – appearance plus experience. Because a gentleman not only looks, but acts the part. We’re here to help you with the former, and encourage you to do the latter.”  What a great mission statement and you can see it in their box.  To all you aspiring gentlemen out there, any lady worth her salt will always be impressed by an aspiring gentleman and if you partner with ESTBLSH and do your part, heads are sure to turn!





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  1. Sandra Montgomery says:

    Ron Oliver would love this box!

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