Frank And Oak Style Plan Review September 2017

Frank And Oak Style Plan is the new and easy Frank + Oak service that offers great styles at up to 25% off. Customers can get up to 4 personalized recommendations for $79 USD ($89 CAD) every month or every 2 months and choose the items they want to receive and when they want them.

I’m starting to love Frank And Oak Style Plan more and more as the months go on. I got to review this Canadian based fashion service back in May and loved the pieces I received. Their clothes are simple, classic and have a minimalistic vibe…..all the characteristics I like to see in my clothes. I recently purged my closet and created a capsule wardrobe and my Frank and Oak pieces fit my new capsule perfectly.

Subscription Details

With the Style Plan, you pay a monthly price of $79 USD ($89 CAD), and in exchange you’ll receive 5 tokens. These tokens can be traded in for items from your Style Plan recommendations page. Using tokens allows you to save up to 25% off our regular prices.

Generally, a crewneck t-shirt is valued at 1 token, 2 tokens for a button-up, and a pair of pants is 3 tokens. For example, with your 5 tokens this month, you could get a button-up and 3 t-shirts. The token value of every item will be indicated on the Style Plan recommendations page.

Here’s a look at the items I chose this month…..

The Gym Fleece Crewneck in Cafe Creme ($49.50)

A sweatshirt that says ‘weekend brunch’ just as much as ‘headed to the gym,’ paving way for a new class of low-key comfort.

First up we have this awesome rose-colored fleece. I wanted to add a piece like this to my wardrobe because it will go great with a pair of leggings and also look super cute with a pair of skinny jeans and Converse. I ordered size small (rather than x-small) because I wanted it to have an oversized fit. I love the color and can see myself wearing this a lot now that the weather has changed.

The Vintage Wash Boy Tee in Red ($24.50)

For any day and everywhere, this classic crewneck has a slightly boyish cut for easy wear and endless outfit possibilities.

Frank and Oak t-shirts usually only cost one token so they are great way to round out your monthly purchase. This was a last minute add-on because my fleece was two tokens as were the joggers below. T-shirts are perfect for capsule wardrobes because they go with everything. I can wear this with my joggers, skinny jeans, or a pencil skirt and denim jacket. I ordered size small (instead of x-small) because I like my t-shirts to fit loose so I can knot them in the front or tuck them into my jeans.

Pull-On Fleece Jogger in True Black ($49.50)

Athletic ease that goes as equally great with movie night as a Sunday out. Who knew sweats could look this good.

Lastly we have a pair of super comfy joggers. I wasn’t really sure what size to order so I went with size small, as that’s the size the model was wearing. Believe it or not, I’ve never purchased a pair of joggers like this so they were a bit of an experiment. Now that I’ve had the chance to try them on I kind of wish I ordered an x-small, but I’m not too worried about it because they still fit, they’re just a little big. They go with the fleece perfectly. If I’m not careful they will probably become my new Fall uniform.

Note: In the first photo I am wearing the jeans from my May Frank and Oak review. I wear them on a regular basis, I absolutely love them.

Frank And Oak Style Plan Review September 2017 – Final Thoughts

I absolutely love Frank And Oak Style Plan!! I am very happy with all three items I received this month. I’m still getting a feel for the sizing, but overall I would say that their clothes are true to size. I specifically chose pieces that could be worn together and that I could also wear with the pieces from my May purchase. I love it when I can mix and match my clothes, it makes my wardrobe much more convenient and versatile. If you like simple, minimalistic clothes (like I do) then I highly recommend you check out the Frank And Oak Style Plan. I’m already picking out my October pieces, there are so many things on their website that I have my eye on. They’ve got some super fun dresses that will be perfect for Fall and some awesome runners that will go with my joggers perfectly.


Frank And Oak Style Plan

Style Plan is a new and easy service from Frank And Oak that sorts men & women out with great style on a regular basis, at a low cost.

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