Freedom Japanese Market Review April 2017

Freedom Japanese Market ships hand selected Japanese snacks and candy straight from Japan to your home or office — Free Shipping Worldwide! Each box contains an English content list and a handmade, seasonal origami. They kindly sent us this box for review.

We recently started reviewing Freedom Japanese Market again, prior to that we hadn’t reviewed it for almost a year. It’s a really great subscription to unbox. It’s a family business that was started as a way to fill the need of many of their friends who had moved away from Japan and were depressed they could not find quality Japanese snacks in their own country.

April Details

This month they did their best to include a variety of sweet, savoury and challenging snacks in the box. They tell us that the highlights include a limited edition version of Caramel Corn, rice crackers decorated with Kabuki emblems, and pickled plum.

Sounds fun! Let’s have a closer look:

Caramel Corn

A seasonal exclusive! Sweet rare cheesecake flavoured curls of puffed corn. 


Beef consommé flavoured ring-shaped potato crisps are fun to play with and eat!

Mix Fruit Mochi

Mini apple and pineapple flavoured pieces of sweet mocha (rice cakes). 


Mini grape flavoured chocolate balls in cute animal packaging. 

UFO Ramune

Ramune flavoured hard candy in four flavours – yogurt, peach, apple and cider. 

Kabuki Cracker

These delicious rice crackers are stamped with famous kabuki emblems. 


A mixture of flavours Umaibo – Pizza, strawberry flavoured aerated chocolate shaped like a mini ice cream cone, teriyaki burger flavour, mozzarella and camembert cheese. 


Ramen chips flavoured like champon, a Nagasaki noodle dish made of seafood and veggies. 

Shimi Choco Corn

Cute star-shaped crispy corn puffs coated in strawberry chocolate. 

Ume Paper

Pickled plum in a paper thin form – sweet and sour!

Bonus Item – Chewing Straw Candy

Straw-shaped grape flavoured gummy candy. 

Origami of the Month

Get into the spirit of Children’s Day with a katana-shaped origami. The only thing to worry about with these tiny blades is a paper cut. 

Freedom Japanese Market Review April 2017 – Final Thoughts

This month’s Freedom Japanese Market has a really great mixture of treats. I love that they include some sweet treats and some salty treats. I also love that they included a limited edition treat. These are my all-time favourite snacks to receive in Japanese Subscription Boxes. I feel like limited edition treats add value and excitement to the box. I would have loved to see a familiar treat like Pocky, or Kit Kats, but that’s just a personal preference. I LOVE receiving those kind of treats in my boxes. Freedom Japanese Market is unique in the fact that it is family-owned and that they include an origami of the month. I think both of those things are worth pointing out because it’s unique little features like this that set a box apart.





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