Freedom Japanese Market Review August 2017

Freedom Japanese Market ships hand selected Japanese snacks and candy straight from Japan to your home or office — Free Shipping Worldwide! Each box contains an English content list and a handmade, seasonal origami. They kindly sent us this box for review.

August 2017

This month’s box of treats includes a variety of sweet and savory Japanese treats, including some end of summer exclusives that we hope you’ll love!

Origami of the Month

This month’s sail boat will make the perfect addition to your Freedom Japanese Market origami collection.

Mike Popcorn

Fluffy popcorn with the delicious taste of soy sauce.

Premium Umaibo

This puffed corn tastes like a mix of mozzarella and camembert cheese.

Melon Soda Gum (Bonus Item!)

An extra long and extra delicious stick of melon soda flavoured gum.

Chocolate Umaibo

Everyone’s favourite umaibo with a chocolate filling and extra calcium.


Support Kumamoto perfection with pumpkin corn pottage flavoured puffed corn.

Do-n Tarou

No foxes were harmed in making these tasty dried udon noodles.

Cream Rusk

Twice baked biscuits topped with delicious cream.

Neri Ume

Chewy gummies that are both sweet and sour.

DonDon Yaki

Bite sized Korean kimchi flavoured rice crackers.

Koala’s March

Cute Koala biscuits with yummy strawberry chocolate filling.

Okash na Mizu Ame

Mix the strawberry, soda, and lemon flavours to get grape.

Fried potato

Potato chips in a french fry form, with an American twist.

Mini Bottle

Fizzy candy in a cute and tiny bottle.

Awa Dama

Grape flavoured chewing gum – perfect for blowing bubbles.

Baby Gang

Candy that pops and fizzes in your mouth.

Freedom Japanese Market August 2017 – Final Thoughts 

This box is super consistent!  I like seeing the repeat items, but different flavours provided, and I like seeing the addition of new items as well.  There are always so many great snacks to choose from I can never decide which one to try first.  I gotta say that some of these push me outside my comfort zone a little bit too; however, I will try pretty much anything that has chocolate in it.  This box is always such a treat (pun definitely intended) to receive and I always look forward to seeing what’s next in store!





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