Freedom Japanese Market Review May 2017

Freedom Japanese Market ships hand selected Japanese snacks and candy straight from Japan to your home or office — Free Shipping Worldwide! Each box contains an English content list and a handmade, seasonal origami. They kindly sent us this box for review.

We’ve really gotten to know Freedom Japanese Market over the last month and we have fallen in love with this subscription. It’s a family owned business that was started as a way to fill the need of many of their friends who had moved away from Japan and were depressed they could not find quality Japanese snacks in their own country.

Everyone is involved. Ken (Dad) is the box packer, Sanae (Mom) is the product coordinator, and Juliet & Kevin (the kids) are the official taste testers. We just love this!!!

Here’s a closer look at the May box:

May Details

Start Summer off right with this month’s Freedom Japanese Market snack box, featuring a delightful combination of sweet and savoury treats. 

Cheese Umaibo

Crispy puffed corn with a delightful cheese flavour. 

Pierre’s Sugar Rusk

Twice baked bread coated with sugar: delicious and sweet!

Corn Pottage Umaibo

A corn pottage flavoured tube of puffed corn. 

Frozen Mango Gum

Keep your breath cool with some frozen mango gum!

Hello Kitty Chocolate

Mini matcha chocolate in the shape of Hello Kitty’s face. 


Mini puffed corn rings that taste like teriyaki mayo chicken. 

Shittori Choco

Crunchy chocolate cookies with a creamy chocolate centre. 

Nazo Neru-Neru-Ne

Make lemon and strawberry soda flavoured treats with this cute and fun DIY kit. 

Takyo-Yaki Nani-Wa

The popular Umaibo snack, in ring form! Puffed corn rings with the taste of octopus. 

Rice Crackers

Crispy rice crackers with a subtle pickled plum flavour. 

Bonus Item: Chibikko Mikan

Sour mandarin flavoured famine candies in an adorable mandarin orange shaped tube. 


Snack sized portion of strawberry flavoured cotton candy. 

Chip Star

Butter soy sauce flavoured potato chips. Perfect for snacking. 

Origami of the Month

This month’s origami: koi-nobori! These origami carp wind-socks feature cute eyes made from a stamp hand-carved from an erase. 

Freedom Japanese Market Review May 2017 – Final Thoughts

If you have been looking for a Japanese Snack Box this just might be the one for you. Japanese Freedom Market is full of authentic Japanese snacks that come straight from suppliers. This means the snacks are fresh which is one of the characteristics that sets Freedom Japanese Market apart from the others. You can tell that a lot of time and effort goes in to each box. They even take extra time to pack their boxes so as to utilize the space and eliminate the need for filler such as tissue paper. Every month we receive a fun mixture of snacks and are always introduced to something new.

Question: Have you tried Japanese Freedom Market? Leave your own review – HERE





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