Geek Fuel Review April 2017

Geek Fuel is a monthly mystery box of geeky goodness. Boxes will come packed with limited edition toys, collectibles, games, comics, stickers, buttons, and other fun stuff. While the contents vary by month, you will ALWAYS get an exclusive t-shirt and a full computer game (in the form of a Steam activation code) in your shipment. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Have I mentioned I use to work for a gaming company?  Well, I did.  And let me tell you, I embraced my geekiness a little too well all the years I was there.  I definitely grew up playing the original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, N64, Game Boy, and more… Yes, I was, still am a geek.  I’m pretty excited to be reviewing Geek Fuel this month.

I may or may not have gasped when I opened this box!  My eyes met not one, not two, but three treasures from my geek-dom.

Each Geek Fuel comes with a magazine to keep you up to date on all the latest geek news!  Not too large, it can be read quickly and easily and is mainly fantastic images to get your geek fuel going!

Epic Enamels Turtles Edition
Show your love for sewer dwellers of the finest kind with this series of Epic Enamels.  Trade yours or collect them all, including the rare variant!

This reminds me when Ninja Turtles was in its prime in the late 80’s and they featured a sticker giveaway in cereal boxes.  The rule in our house was if the prize fell in your bowl as you poured your cereal you got to keep the prize… I ate so much cereal trying to get that April O’Neil sticker…  I think our food bill went up that month and my mom for the life of her couldn’t figure out why!  This also reminds me of pin trading with Disney.  I was a pin collector in my day and still have a number of favourites at the desk.

The Dwarf Run Downloadable Steam Game
Part RPG, part point-and-click adventure, and all fun, Dwarf Run follows a band of friends embarking on an underworld expedition that somehow lands them in space.

I have seen my fair share of game cards!  Let me tell you.  I’ve never heard of The Dwarf Run, but I love that Geek Fuel provides this in their box, as it’s such a great way to experience new games without having to guess which one is worth your time and which one will be a yawn.

South Park The Fractured but Whole
The impending release of Fractured but Whole has us chomping at the bit to celebrate all things amazing about the South Park crew.  Sure, it’s rooted in our home state, but that’s not the only reason we love Kyle, Cartman, Stan and the nearly-always-dead Kenny.  They’re funny, they’re curious, they’re awesome, and now they’re on your shirt.

I am not a huge South Park fan, but I have to say this shirt is pretty awesome!  It’s really great quality and the graphic on it is fantastic!  I also like that it’s a fitted women’s shirt and not a standardize sizing.

Hidden Staircase Floor Mat
Step into another dimension every single time you get out of your bathtub.  It feels weird at first, but you’ll get used to it.

I’m embarrassed to admit to the gleeful sounds that game out of me when I unwrapped this item!  Ok, so I’m not so embarrassed, because this item is FREAKING AWESOME!  I can’t even tell you how many times I played Zelda.  Mainly there were so many times because our original Nintendo kept crashing the game and erasing the accounts, so like any geek champ, I’d just start over.  And over.  And over…. and, over.  Unwrapping this item all the 8-bit sounds came to mind and I immediately wanted to play Zelda again!  I can’t even.  This is amazing.

Deadpool Domes Collectible Minis
There are a lot of parts of the Merc with a Mouth that are an utter mystery.  With this collectible, his final form for display is one of them.  Which Deadpool will you get?

I love items like this!  I spent a lot of money as a kid purchasing mystery packets not knowing what I would get.  Often the prize was disappointing, but the thrill of just not knowing suckered me back for more purchases.  There are a total of 8 Deadpool characters to receive and we have received #8!

Geek Fuel April 2017 – Final Thoughts

This is my first time reviewing this box, but I hope it wont be my last!  It earthed the geek in me!  I loved being reminded of all the great games and time spent playing them.  The quality of the items is out of the park and the variety of items is even better!  They have really appealed to so many areas, clothing, house decor, toys, game time and reading material.  Geek Fuel is such a well-rounded box and I’m so impressed by it!  I’ve read many of Sarah’s reviews of this box and always thought it to be well done, but I have to say that receiving it myself and going through it, item by item, makes it all the better.  I’m so impressed!


Geek Fuel

A monthly mystery box of geeky goodness. Boxes will come packed with limited edition toys, collectibles, games, comics, stickers, buttons, and other fun stuff. While the contents vary by month, […]

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